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  • v1.2.0 Changes

    db09ac7 -> 886613f

    • 886613f - add $.fn.atwho.debug = false to trigger debug mode
    • 0️⃣ 6567af9 - Enable default events when nothing is highlighted - Teemu
    • 752ad4a - Add scrollDuration option. - Takuru
    • bf17d43 - add parameter to allow for a spacebar in the middle of a search so that you can match a first + last name, for example - Feather Knee
    • a1d5fe7 - add reposition API - ichord
    • 9bcb06e - add "onInsert", "onDispaly" arguments to tplEval - ichord
    • db09ac7 - add hide api - ichord
  • v1.1.0 Changes

    • lisafeather/displyTplCallBack - #259
    • ➕ ADD: editableAtwhoQueryAttrs options
    • 0️⃣ Added setting for 'spaceSelectsMatch' (default false/off)
  • v1.0.0 Changes

    The naming convention are using camel case.
    It means that every callback and setting's name are switched from underscope_naming to CamelNaming. Sorry about this.

    Future version's naming will follow the rules of constantly.


    • Replaced tpl with displayTpl: display template of dropdown menu items. In previous versions, At.js will fetch the value of data-value to insert; It stops doing it.
      Please use the insertTpl option to manage the content to insert instead.
      The default value is "<li>${name}</li>"
    • The insertTpl option will be used in textarea as well. The default value is "${atwho-at}${name}"


    • Added afterMatchFailed callback to contentEditable It will be invoked after fail to match any query and stopping matching.
      Open examples/hashtas.html to examine how it work.
    • Removed inserting_wrapper callback to contentEditable

    Internal changes:

    • ♻️ refactor the Controller Introduced EditableController class to control actions of contenteditable element.
      Introduced TextareaController class to control actions of textarea element.
      Both of them are inherit from the Controller class.

    • ♻️ Refactored contentEditable mode Inserted content are wrapped in a span: <span class=".atwho-inserted"/>
      Querying content are wrapped in a span: <span class=".atwho-query"/>

    • Bring back auto-discovery to iframe.

    • 🛠 Fix wrong offset in iframe

    • Replaced iframeStandalone with iframeAdRoot

    • 0️⃣ All processed events are preventing default and stopping propagation.

  • v0.5.2 Changes

    • e1f6566 - fix error that doesn't display mention list on new line
    • 8fe3a54 - can insert multiple node from inserting_wrapper
    • 4080151 - scroll to top after showing
    • 01555f8 - scroll long dropdown list
    • 👍 1b8999d - Add spm support
    • 📦 f2b8e9c - change name in package.json
    • b61bfdc - search on click
    • 🛠 b1efd09 - Fixes error with selecting always first item on the list on iOS WebView when using
    • 7ed2890 - Allow accented characters in matcher
  • v0.5.1 Changes

    • 219de3d - fix Goes off screen / gets cropped if there isn't enough room
    • 1100c5b - No longer inherits text colour from document
    • ce60958 - on more boolean argument for setIframe api to work cross-document issues #199
  • v0.5.0 Changes

    • ♻️ 593893c - refactor inserting of contenteditable Adding inserting_wrapper for customize wrapping inserting content. Not to insert item as a block in Firefox. check out issue #109. Removing getInsertedItems, getInsertedIDs API. You have to collect them on your own.
    • 4d3fb8f - have to set IFRAME manually
    • 1f13a16 - change space_after to suffix
    • b099ebb - fix caret position error after inserting
    • 2c47d7a - fix #178 hide view while clicking somewhere else
  • v0.4.12 Changes

    • eeafab1 - fix error: will always call hidden atwho event
    • b0f6ceb - Highlighter finds the first occurrence
    • da256db - Adds possibility of having empty prefix (at keyword) in controllers
    • b884225 - add space_after option
    • 65d6273 - Passes esc/tab/return keyup events through to emitted hide event
  • v0.4.11 Changes

    • 👍 bf938db - add delay setting, support delay searching
    • a0b5a6f - fix bug: terminate if query out of max_len
    • 01d6d5b - add css min file
  • v0.4.10 Changes

    • ⚡️ update jquery dependence version
  • v0.4.9 Changes

    • f317bd7 not lowercase query, add highlight_first option