This library is part of the Aurelia platform and contains the aurelia framework which brings together all the required core aurelia libraries into a ready-to-go application-building platform. It support : * a very simple/good CLI. Exemple command to start : "au new MyProcject" . * language : ES6, TypeScrypt * css : Less, Sass, ... * test : Karma, Jest, Protractor * Bundler : Webpack, SystemJS, RequyreJS * mimification * a very good guide

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Why I choose Aurelia in this 3 past year on 4 projects : * More easy thanAngular /vue.js * Extremely fast learning curve. Where Angular is 5 days, It took only 1 day width Aurelia. * Aurelia uses conventions to avoid error, and simplified code. * Regular update, always good and without breaking the past! * A very good "CLI" * Support : CLI, ES6, TypeScrypt, less, sass, mimification, webpack, systemjs ....

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