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  • v2.4.0

  • v2.3.2

  • v2.3.1

  • v2.3.0

  • v2.2.2

    • 🛠 Fixes

      • Remove duplicate call to region.empty on view destroy.
      • Fix call time of swapOut.
      • Fix broken link in Marionette Error messages
  • v2.2.1

    • 🛠 Fixes

      • Revert collection type checking for collectionView.
  • v2.2.0

    • 🔋 Features

      • Normalize region selectors hash to allow a user to use the @ui. syntax
      • Marionette.triggerMethodOn
      • triggerMethodOn invokes triggerMethod on a specific context
      • Marionette.Error
      • captureStackTrace cleans up stack traces
      • add view _behaviors reference to associated behaviors
      • enabling you to easily test and spy on your behaviors
      • CollectionViews now receive events from emptyViews in the childEvents hash
      • Regions now receive swapOut and beforeSwapOut events.
      • Application has this.options
      • Application has initialize method
      • Behaviors no longer wrap view methods
    • 🐛 Bug Fixes

      • LayoutView’s regions are scoped inside its el
      • Fix inconsistent Marionette.Object constructor implementation.
      • emptyView instances now proxy their events up to the collection / compositeView
      • collection / compositeView does not listen to collection add/remove/reset events until after render.
      • Marionette.normalizeUIKeys no longer mutates UI hash
    • 👍 Better Errors

      • View destroyed error now includes the view cid in the error message.
      • Throw an error when Marionette.bindEntityEvents is not an object or function
      • Throw a descriptive error for collectionViews
      • If you do not pass a valid collectionView instance you are now given a logical error.
    • 📚 Documentation Improvements

      • New API docs are in progress
      • Examples have been cleaned up
  • v2.2.0-pre.2

  • v2.2.0-pre

  • v2.1.0

    • 🔋 Features

      • Marionette.Object
      • A base class which other classes can extend from. Marionette.Object incorporates many Backbone conventions and utilities like initialize and Backbone.Events. It is a user friendly class to base your classes on to get Backbone conventions on any generic class.
      • Add a el reference to the views el from within a behavior instance.
      • ItemViews can now have no template by setting template: false
      • Application objects can now configure their default message channel.
      • This will allow you to configure multiple applications to exist at the same time within an app without their event bus colliding.
      • Application objects now have the getOption method.
      • Regions now have a hasView method to determine if there is a view within a given region.
      • Views no longer use toJSON directly on models. Instead they call into the new overridable methods serializeModel and serializeCollection via serializeData
      • Return chainable objects from more methods to be consistent
      • Application: emptyRegions
      • Application: removeRegion
      • CollectionView renderChildView
      • Controller new
      • LayoutView destroy
      • Region reset
      • Region attachView
      • Region empty
      • RegionManager destroy
      • RegionManager emptyRegions (now returns regions)
      • RegionManager removeRegions (now returns regions)
      • RegionManager removeRegion (now returns region)
      • View destroy
      • View undelegateEvents
      • View delegateEvents
      • RegionManager addRegions now accepts a function that returns a region definition in addition to a region definition object
      • This extends to Marionette.Application’s and CompositeView’s regions properties
      • Added CollectionView resortView
      • Override this method on a subclass of CollectionView to provide custom logic for rendering after sorting the collection.
      • View instance is now passed as a third argument to Marionette.Renderer.render
      • Add getRegionManager to Application
    • 🛠 Fixes

      • CollectionView now maintains proper order when adding a mode
      • Fix component.js path
      • Prevent AppRouter from erroring when appRoutes are passed into the router constructor as an option.
      • UI hash keys now only allow documented syntax, enforcing @ui.stuff instead of @ui<ANY_CHAR>stuff