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  • v0.4.8 Changes

    • Don't re-render an ItemView when the view's model "change" event is triggered
  • v0.4.7 Changes

    • 👍 Allow RegionManager to be instantiated with an el specified in the options
    • 🔄 Change how RegionManagers are added to an Application instance, to reduce memory usage from extraneous types
  • v0.4.6 Changes

    • AppRouter can have it's controller specified directly in the router definition or in the construction function call
    • Extracted Marionette.EventAggregator out in to it's own explicit object
  • v0.4.5 Changes

    • CollectionView closes existing child views before re-rendering itself, when "reset" event of collection is triggered
    • 🔧 CollectionView now has "initialEvents" method which configures it's initial events
    • 🔧 ItemView now has "initialEvents" method which configures it's initial events
  • v0.4.4 Changes

    • CollectionView renders itself when the view's collection "reset" event is fired
    • ItemView renders itself when the view's model "change" event is fired
    • ItemView renders itself when the view's collection "reset" event is fired
  • v0.4.3 Changes

    • 🛠 Fixed bug with RegionManagers trying to select element before DOM is ready, to lazy-select the element on first use of show
  • v0.4.2 Changes

    • 💥 BREAKING: Removed the setOptions method from the Callbacks object
    • 🔨 Refactored Callbacks object to use a jQuery Deferred instead of my own code
    • 🛠 Fixed template manager's clear so it properly clears a single template, when only one is specified
    • 🔨 Refactored the RegionManager code to support several new features
      • now support returning a jQuery deferred object from a view's render method
      • now have a close method that you can call to close the current view
      • now trigger a "view:show" and "view:close" event
      • correctly remove reference to previous views, allowing garbage collection of the view
      • now support the bindTo and unbindAll methods, for binding/unbinding region manager events
  • v0.4.1 Changes

    • Minor fix to context of template manager callback, to fix issue w/ async template loading
  • v0.4.0 Changes

    • 💥 BREAKING: Rewrote the template manager to be async-template loading friendly
    • 💥 BREAKING: Dropping support for Backbone v0.5.3 and below
    • ➕ Added Marionette.Callbacks to manage a collection of callbacks in an async-friendly way
    • Guarantee the execution of app initializer functions, even if they are added after the app has been started.
    • App triggers "start" event after initializers and initializer events
    • ⚡️ Updated to Backbone v0.9.1
  • v0.3.1 Changes

    • 👉 Make region managers initialize immediately when calling app.addRegions