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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
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๐Ÿช CrumbsJS ๐Ÿช

A lightweight, intuitive, vanilla ES6 fueled JS cookie and local storage library.

Quick Start

// Cookie
crumbs.set("Operating System","Win10"); // => true

// Local storage key
crumbs.ls.set("Operating System","Win10") // => true
// The "expires" parameter is capable of taking a number, and will default as days.
crumbs.set("Name","Roy Azaeev",{type:"day",value:7},"/crumbsjs"); // => true

Adding a few cookies at once

const my_cookies = [];
my_cookies.push({name:"Operating System",value:"Win10"});

crumbs.set(my_cookies); // => [{name:"Operating System",value:"Win10"},{name:"Age",value:"29"}]

Adding a few local storage keys at once

const my_localstorage_array = [];
my_localstorage_array.push({"key":"Operating System","value":"Win10"});

crumbs.set(my_localstorage_array); // => [{key:"Operating System",value:"Win10"},{key:"Age",value:"29"}]
// Cookie
let age = crumbs.get("Age"); // => "29"

// Local storage
let age = crumbs.ls.get("Age"); // => "29"

Get all cookies or all local storage keys in a key-value pair object

// Cookies
let all_cookies = crumbs.getAll(); // => [{name:"Operating System",value:"Win10"},{name:"Age",value:"29"}]

// Local storage
let all_localstorage = crumbs.ls.getAll(); // => [{key:"Operating System",value:"Win10"},{key:"Age",value:"29"}]
// Cookie
crumbs.delete("Operating system"); // => true

// Local storage
crumbs.ls.delete("Operating system"); // => true

Delete a few cookies at once

const my_cookies = [];
my_cookies.push("Operating system");

crumbs.delete(my_cookies); // => true


  • NO DEPENDENCIES - Yup, no jQuery.
  • ES5 compatible.
  • Tested, using Jest.
  • Add one or multiple cookies or local storage keys at once
  • Update cookies or local storage keys using the set method
  • Delete one or multiple cookies at once
  • Delete local storage keys easily
  • Display a cookie or a local storage key value
  • Display all cookies or local storage keys in a key-value easy to read object
  • Fallback to cookies when localstorage is not available (Safari private browsing)


set(name, value, [expires], [domain])

Sets one or more cookies or local storage keys.

name can be set as an array of key-pair objects in the format of {name:"Age",value:29} for mass cookie set


Gets a cookie or a local storage value by its name.


Gets all the cookies or local storage keys in a key-pair object array.


Deletes a cookie or local storage key by its name.

name can be set as an array of strings for mass delete of cookies


Deletes all cookies or local storage keys.

Getting Started

Install On your local PC

Using a bundler ?

You can import CrumbsJS like that

import crumbs from 'crumbsjs';

Download Sources

use npm

npm install crumbsjs

use git

git clone https://github.com/nirtz89/crumbsjs.git

What's next

  • IndexDB support
  • Session storage support


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Thank you for making the library better!