dustjs v2.7.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-12-09 // over 7 years ago

Previous changes from v2.7.2

    • #673 Pass the current context to filters (@sethkinast)
    • #676 If a Promise is resolved with an array, iterate over it instead of rendering the whole array at once.

    Closes #674 (@sethkinast)

    • #647 Allow helpers to return primitives

    Previously returning a primitive would crash rendering with no way to recover. You can still return a Chunk and do more complex work if you need to.

    Helpers act like references or sections depending on if they have a body. When they have no body, they act like a reference and look in params.filters for filters to use. When they have a body, they act like a section. You can return thenables and streams normally.

    {@return value="" filters="|s" /} {@return value=""}{.} World{/return}

    Closes #645 (@sethkinast)

    • #664 Be slightly pickier about what Dust thinks a Stream is.

    Closes #663 (@sethkinast)

    • #661 Add saucelabs integration (@sethkinast)
    • 🔨 #658 Refactor testing frameworks

    Closes #649 Closes #602 Closes #642 (@sethkinast)

    • #660 Grammar: s/char/character/ to avoid using a reserved name

    Closes #659 (@sethkinast)