React component styling solved with an elegant (inspired) API, small footprint, and great performance (via glamor).

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For details on the unmaintained status (and to help people with an automated migration to emotion), see #419.

glamorous πŸ’„ Β  Maintainable CSS with React

Read the intro blogpost and the v4 announcement blog post

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You will find instructions to install glamorous here.


You will find a getting started guide here.


You will find tutorials, examples, API documentation, and more at the glamorous website:


Related projects

Using glamorous with react-sketchapp

With the release of glamorous-primitives, now you can use glamorous with react-sketchapp to manage design systems and use React components for designs.

You can find documentation and related examples here.

Usage with Stylus

You can use glamorous-stylus for styling React components with Stylus. Find detailed documentation here.


Who uses glamorous? See other/USERS.md and add yourself if you use glamorous!


This package was inspired by the work from people's work on the following projects:

Other Solutions

There are actually quite a few solutions to the general problem of styling in React. This isn't the place for a full-on comparison of features, but I'm unaware of any which supports all of the features which this library supports.


If you need help, please fork this CodeSandbox and bring it up in the chat

Got Questions?

Check out the [FAQ](other/FAQ.md).

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the glamorous README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.