Inferno is an insanely fast, 8kb React-like library for building high-performance user interfaces on both the client and server.

To quote a member of the React core team at Facebook:

> Inferno 1.0 is really well written. It's how I would've rewritten React. I'd recommend reading its source to learn.

Inferno aims to provide all the great benefits that React does, plus other great features for people already familiar with the React ecosystem, such as: lifecycle events on functional components, server side render streams, better real-world performance, lower memory consumption and faster parse/load times. Furthermore, Inferno allows people to switch their existing React projects to Inferno in a few lines of code using `inferno-compat`.

For those not familiar with React, Inferno is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces in a declarative manner. Rather than working with MVC/MVVM style patterns, Inferno uses a component-based approach where data flows in one direction, making coding predictable, re-usable and highly testable. Based on the concept of learn once, write anywhere, Inferno doesn't impose any restrictions on how you create components. You literally write JavaScript to state how you'd like your UI to look – Inferno does all the rest. Inferno also renders content on the server via inferno-server and NodeJS, so you can write awesome UIs that get rendered full-stack.

In terms of performance, Inferno is currently the fastest JavaScript UI library there is – both in benchmarks and actual real-world scenarios. It excels on the browser at initial page load, parse times, render times and update times. Inferno's server-side rendering is around 5x faster than React, around 3x faster than Angular 2 and around 1.5x faster than Preact and Vue.

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License: MIT License
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