intern v4.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-14 // almost 4 years ago
  • Overview

    🚀 This release adds a couple new features and changes (fixes, really) how lifecycle methods interact with grep. Thanks to @jonnycornwell for his contributions!

    🆕 New features

    • ⏱ Enable dojo-timeout-api for the dojo loader (#925)
    • ➕ Add an option to the Runner reporter to hide download progress (#956)
    • ➕ Add the ability to hide skipped tests in the Html reporter (#957)
    • ✅ Don't run suite lifecycle methods when all suite tests and sub-suites are skipped (#961)

    ⚡️ Other updates

    • ⚡️ Update the leadfoot and digdug dependencies to improve WebDriver compatibility