lawnmower is a web component library that allows VR layouts to be built using HTML tags.

The aim of this library is to make building a basic VR website as easy to make as your first HTML site. No need for lots of contextual knowledge about 3D and VR, you can just start designing.

The library uses Stencil to build web components that are, by their nature, framework independent and work much like any other DOM element. You can call them with JavaScript and set properties, listen for events and call methods.

Under the hood, it is using three.js for its 3D and most elements allow access to their implementation (in case you want to fiddle with ther functionality).

Each tag described starts with lm, such as and try to be analogous to their HTML counterpart when rendered into 3D.

Programming language: TypeScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Editors     TypeScript     JavaScript     3D     Web Components     Three.js     VR     webvr    

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