Animations libraries

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  • anime.js

    9.7 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    JavaScript animation engine
  • velocity

    8.8 0.0 L1 JavaScript
    Accelerated JavaScript animation.
  • Dynamic.js

    7.0 0.0 CoffeeScript
    Javascript library to create physics-based animations
  • tsParticles

    6.5 9.8 TypeScript
    tsParticles - Easily create highly customizable JavaScript particles effects, confetti explosions and fireworks animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available for React.js, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Inferno, Solid, Riot and Web Components.
  • Vizzu

    3.9 7.6 JavaScript
    Library for animated data visualizations and data stories.
  • motus

    2.8 0.0 JavaScript
    Animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.
  • AniX

    2.0 0.0 JavaScript
    🐿 Super easy and lightweight(<3kb) JavaScript animation library
  • Scrawl-canvas Library

    1.9 7.8 JavaScript
    Responsive, interactive and more accessible HTML5 canvas elements. Scrawl-canvas is a JavaScript library designed to make using the HTML5 canvas element easier, and more fun
  • Tailwind Animations

    1.0 10.0 JavaScript
    Tailwind animations examples
  • Trig.js

    1.0 10.0 JavaScript
    The easy way to create CSS scroll animations that react to the position of your HTML element on screen. Animate on scroll (AOS) your CSS.
  • js-loading-overlay

    0.8 0.0 JavaScript
    Display loading overlay/spinner for your application easily and beautifully.