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  • TOAST UI Editor

    8.7 0.0 TypeScript
    πŸžπŸ“ Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Standard + Chart & UML Extensible.
  • inferno

    8.6 8.4 L2 JavaScript
    :fire: An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
  • browserify

    8.5 2.0 L4 JavaScript
    browser-side require() the node.js way
  • vis

    7.7 0.0 L1 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. Dynamic, browser-based visualization library.
  • quicklink

    7.7 7.7 JavaScript
    ⚑️Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
  • zombie

    6.5 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using node.js
  • pwa-asset-generator

    4.7 3.6 TypeScript
    Automates PWA asset generation and image declaration. Automatically generates icon and splash screen images, favicons and mstile images. Updates manifest.json and index.html files with the generated images according to Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface guidelines.
  • cookies.js

    4.5 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    🍫 Tastier cookies, local, session, and db storage in a tiny package. Includes subscribe() events for changes.
  • motus

    2.8 0.0 JavaScript
    Animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.
  • hashmap

    2.6 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    HashMap JavaScript class for Node.js and the browser. The keys can be anything and won't be stringified
  • Stylify

    2.3 6.5 TypeScript
    πŸ’Ž Monorepository for Stylify packages. Stylify uses CSS-like selectors to generate Extremely optimized utility-first CSS dynamically based on what you write πŸ’Ž.
  • frontexpress

    2.0 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    An Express.js-Style router for the front-end
  • modern-async

    1.8 7.8 JavaScript
    A modern JavaScript tooling library for asynchronous operations using async/await, promises and async generators
  • ppo

    1.4 1.8 JavaScript
    ppo is a super small and useful utils library for JavaScript 🐝🐜
  • DIOD

    1.4 3.5 TypeScript
    A very opinionated inversion of control (IoC) container and dependency injector for Typescript, Node.js or browser apps.
  • Xeito

    0.9 7.5 TypeScript
    🀞 Xeito is a framework for building interactive web applications with Typescript and Tagged Template Literals.
  • westures

    0.9 6.4 JavaScript
    Delightfully robust multitouch gestures for JavaScript
  • DetectOS.js

    0.6 0.0 JavaScript
    A simple definition of the popular OS and browsers on JavaScript.
  • PrivMX JS Crypto Lib

    0.6 4.7 JavaScript
    Javascript crypto library ...
  • mnjs

    0.5 0.0 TypeScript
    MATH NODE JS (MNJS): A tiny math library for node.js & JavaScript on browser
  • Interfy

    0.4 2.7 JavaScript
    A Javascript library for robust web front-end routing.
  • nozaki-colors

    0.4 0.0 JavaScript
    Another node cli colors module. Done simply and with native syntax. It's ment to make sense to engineers, not script kiddies.
  • #<Sawyer::Resource:0x00007f31d4bc3650>

    0.3 1.3 TypeScript
    No description, website, or topics provided.
  • ❀️‍πŸ”₯ InterWork v2.1 ❀️‍πŸ”₯

    0.2 10.0 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. βž• Better web-worker library... βž•
  • ModalSquared.js

    0.2 1.1 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. ModalSquared.js is a super small less than a 1kb library for showing and hiding modals.
  • PureJS_OnePageNav

    0.2 6.8 TypeScript
    Highly configurable one page navigation script written in pure JS