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  • lighthouse

    9.6 9.7 L5 JavaScript
    Automated auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for the web.
  • Bluebird

    9.0 5.2 L2 JavaScript
    :bird: :zap: Bluebird is a full featured promise library with unmatched performance.
  • inferno

    8.5 9.2 L2 JavaScript
    :fire: An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
  • Vue Storefront

    8.2 9.4 TypeScript
    The open-source frontend for any eCommerce. Built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack. We have custom integrations with Magento, commercetools, Shopware and Shopify and total coverage is just a matter of time. The API approach also allows you to merge VSF with any third-party tool like CMS, payment gateways or analytics. Newest updates: Always Open Source, MIT license.
  • quicklink

    7.7 5.5 JavaScript
    ⚡️Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
  • vue-virtual-scroller

    7.2 9.0 Vue
    ⚡️ Blazing fast scrolling for any amount of data
  • lazy.js

    6.5 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    Like Underscore, but lazier
  • InstantClick

    6.2 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    InstantClick makes following links in your website instant.
  • benchmark.js

    6.2 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    A benchmarking library. As used on
  • vue-virtual-scroll-list

    5.9 4.5 JavaScript
    ⚡️A vue component support big amount data list with high render performance and efficient.
  • Fly CDN

    1.5 0.0 TypeScript
    A set of useful libraries for Edge Apps. Run locally, write tests, and integrate it into your deployment process. Move fast and maybe don't break things? Because, gosh darnit, you're an adult.