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Storage libraries

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  • js-cookie

    8.7 3.6 L4 JavaScript
    A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling browser cookies
  • jquery-cookie

    8.7 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies.
  • localForage

    8.7 3.4 L2 JavaScript
    Offline storage, improved. Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple but powerful API.
  • store.js

    8.5 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    LocalStorage wrapper for all browsers without using cookies or flash. Uses localStorage, globalStorage, and userData behavior under the hood.
  • sql.js

    6.7 7.3 L5 JavaScript
    SQLite compiled to JavaScript through Emscripten.
  • LokiJS

    6.3 5.4 L2 JavaScript
    javascript embeddable / in-memory database
  • basket.js

    5.2 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    A script and resource loader for caching & loading scripts with localStorage.
  • cross-storage

    4.4 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    Cross domain local storage, with permissions.
  • lawnchair.js

    4.2 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Simple client-side JSON storage.
  • cookies.js

    4.0 6.6 L2 JavaScript
    Interactive and easy cookies from your browser in javascript
  • jStorage

    3.8 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    jStorage is a simple key/value database to store data on browser side.
  • Cookies

    3.7 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    JavaScript Client-Side Cookie Manipulation Library.
  • basil.js

    3.7 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    The missing Javascript smart persistent layer.
  • lockr

    2.4 0.9 L5 JavaScript
    A minimal API wrapper for localStorage
  • DB.js

    2.3 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Promise based IndexDB Wrapper library
  • secStore.js

    1.6 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Encryption enabled browser storage
  • bag.js

    0.9 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    A caching script and resource loader, similar to basket.js, but with additional k/v interface and localStorage / websql / indexedDB support.
  • kruptein

    0.1 7.4 JavaScript
    crypto; from kruptein to hide or conceal