Microbundle v0.15.1 Release Notes

  • Patch Changes

    • 📦 cebafa1 #961 Thanks @zyrong! - Fix for when multiple entries reference different CSS, only the CSS referenced by the first entry will be packaged

    • 9a4e2b2 #954 Thanks @rschristian! - Bumps Node target to v12

    • ⬆️ 4ad4b76 #967 Thanks @agilgur5! - deps: upgrade rpt2 to latest v0.32.0 to fix monorepos

    • 6018e58 #956 Thanks @rschristian! - Silences warnings when using Node builtins with the 'node:...' protocol on imports. Warnings related to bare usage of these builtins were already silenced.

    • ⬆️ 88241dd #968 Thanks @PeterBurner! - deps: upgrade babel-plugin-transform-async-to-promises to latest v0.8.18 to fix #565

    • 🛠 e72377a #964 Thanks @rschristian! - Fixes filename generation for es & modern outputs. Both 'jsnext:main' and 'esmodule' were incorrectly ignored.