Mout v0.10.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-09-02 // about 7 years ago
    • add array/equals;
    • add array/groupBy;
    • add array/last;
    • add function/wrap;
    • add lang/GLOBAL;
    • add lang/isPrimitive;
    • add number/MAX_SAFE_INTEGER;
    • add object/omit;
    • add object/result;
    • add object/result;
    • add random/randString;
    • change lang/isEmpty behavior to return true for any value that isn't a collection.
    • fix array/findLastIndex to stop at zero index;
    • improve function/partial to accept placeholders;
    • improve math.norm behavior for values outside the range and for cases where val === min === max;
    • improve object/get behavior to return properties from any value that is not null or undefined;
    • move object/deepEquals to lang/deepEquals (improving the behavior);