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  • v3.4.1 Changes

    April 29, 2020

    [ci skip] bump to 3.4.1 (commit)

    ➕ Add type for DomApiNative's setAttribute method. (commit)

    ✂ Remove gen-typescript-declarations; manually add LegacyElementMixin's setAttribute type. (commit)

    ✂ Remove "DO NOT EDIT" warning comments. (commit)

    Track TypeScript declarations. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update Closure types for overridden setAttribute in LegacyElementMixin. (commit)

    ➕ Add method / parameter descriptions. (commit)

    🛠 Fix TypeScript breakages by specifying types for overridden setAttribute and getAttribute. (commit)

    ➕ Add complete commit list for v3.4.0 (commit)

    🛠 Fix a couple more compiler warnings (commit)

    ✏️ Typos and other minor changes. (commit)

    ➕ Add a note about a bug fix for chunking. (commit)

    ➕ Add useAdoptedStyleSheetsWithBuiltCSS section. (commit)

    ➕ Add setters to settings titles. (commit)

    ➕ Add a note about orderedComputed and cycles. (commit)

    ➕ Add example of overriding suppressTemplateNotifications via notify-dom-change. (commit)

    ➕ Add a section about automatic use of constructable stylesheets. (commit)

    ➕ Add "Other new features" section for reuseChunkedInstances and LegacyElementMixin's built-in disable-upgrade support. (commit)

    ➕ Added notes for fastDomIf, removeNestedTemplates, suppressNestedTemplates, and suppressTemplateNotifications. (commit)

    🚀 Started on release notes for legacyUndefined, legacyWarnings, orderedComputed. (...) (commit)

    ✂ Remove unused externs. (commit)


  • v3.4.0 Changes

    April 23, 2020

    🆕 New global settings

    ⚡️ This update to Polymer includes some new global settings:

    legacyUndefined / setLegacyUndefined

    What does it do? This setting reverts how computed properties handle undefined values to the Polymer 1 behavior: when enabled, computed properties will only be recomputed if none of their dependencies are undefined.

    0️⃣ Components can override the global setting by setting their _overrideLegacyUndefined property to true. This is useful for reenabling the default behavior as you migrate individual components:

    import {PolymerElement, html} from '@polymer/polymer/polymer-element.js';class MigratedElement extends PolymerElement { /\* ... \*/ }// All MigratedElement instances will use the default behavior.MigratedElement.prototype.\_overrideLegacyUndefined = true;customElements.define('migrated-element', SomeElement);

    Should I use it? This setting should only be used for migrating legacy codebases that depend on this behavior and is otherwise not recommended.

    legacyWarnings / setLegacyWarnings

    What does it do? This setting causes Polymer to warn if a component's template contains bindings to properties that are not listed in that element's properties block. For example:

    import {PolymerElement, html} from '@polymer/polymer/polymer-element.js';class SomeElement extends PolymerElement { static get template() { return html`\<span\>[[someProperty]] is used here\</span\>`; } static get properties() { return { /\* but `someProperty` is not declared here \*/ }; } }customElements.define('some-element', SomeElement);

    ⚡️ Only properties explicitly declared in the properties block are associated with an attribute and update when that attribute changes. Enabling this setting will show you where you might have forgotten to declare properties.

    Should I use it? Consider using this feature during development but don't enable it in production.

    orderedComputed / setOrderedComputed

    What does it do? This setting causes Polymer to topologically sort each component's computed properties graph when the class is initialized and uses that order whenever computed properties are run.

    For example:

    import {PolymerElement, html} from '@polymer/polymer/polymer-element.js';class SomeElement extends PolymerElement { static get properties() { return { a: {type: Number, value: 0}, b: {type: Number, computed: 'computeB(a)'}, c: {type: Number, computed: 'computeC(a, b)'}, }; } computeB(a) { console.log('Computing b...'); return a + 1; } computeC(a, b) { console.log('Computing c...'); return (a + b) \* 2; } }customElements.define('some-element', SomeElement);

    0️⃣ When a changes, Polymer's default behavior does not specify the order in which its dependents will run. Given that both b and c depend directly on a, one of two possible orders could occur: [computeB, computeC] or [computeC, computeB].

    In the first case - [computeB, computeC] - computeB is run with the new value of a and produces a new value for b. Then, computeC is run with both the new values of a and b to produce c.

    In the second case - [computeC, computeB] - computeC is run first with the new value of a and the current value of b to produce c. Then, computeB is run with the new value of a to produce b. If computeB changed the value of b then computeC will be run again, with the new values of both a and b to produce the final value of c.

    ⚡️ However, with orderedComputed enabled, the computed properties would have been previously sorted into [computeB, computeC], so updating a would cause them to run specifically in that order.

    If your component's computed property graph contains cycles, the order in which they are run when using orderedComputed is still undefined.

    Should I use it? The value of this setting depends on how your computed property functions are implemented. If they are pure and relatively inexpensive, you shouldn't need to enable this feature. If they have side effects that would make the order in which they are run important or are expensive enough that it would be a problem to run them multiple times for a property update, consider enabling it.

    fastDomIf / setFastDomIf

    What does it do? This setting enables a different implementation of <dom-if> that uses its host element's template stamping facilities (provided as part of PolymerElement) rather than including its own. This setting can help with performance but comes with a few caveats:

    First, fastDomIf requires that every <dom-if> is in the shadow root of a Polymer element: you can't use a <dom-if> directly in the main document or inside a shadow root of an element that doesn't extend PolymerElement.

    Second, because the fastDomIf implementation of <dom-if> doesn't include its own template stamping features, it doesn't create its own scope for property effects. This means that any properties you were previously setting on the <dom-if> will no longer be applied within its template, only properties of the host element are available.

    Should I use it? This setting is recommended as long as your app doesn't use <dom-if> as described in the section above.

    🚚 removeNestedTemplates / setRemoveNestedTemplates

    What does it do? This setting causes Polymer to remove the child <template> elements used by <dom-if> and <dom-repeat> from the their containing templates. This can improve the performance of cloning your component's template when new instances are created.

    Should I use it? This setting is generally recommended.

    suppressTemplateNotifications / setSuppressTemplateNotifications

    What does it do? This setting causes <dom-if> and <dom-repeat> not to dispatch dom-change events when their rendered content is updated. If you're using lots of <dom-if> and <dom-repeat> but not listening for these events, this setting lets you disable them and their associated dispatch work.

    You can override the global setting for an individual <dom-if> or <dom-repeat> by setting its notify-dom-change boolean attribute:

    import {PolymerElement, html} from '@polymer/polymer/polymer-element.js';class SomeElement extends PolymerElement { static get properties() { return { visible: {type: Boolean, value: false}, }; } static get template() { return html` \<button on-click="\_toggle"\>Toggle\</button\>\<!-- Set notify-dom-change to enable dom-change events for this particular \<dom-if\>. --\> \<dom-if if="[[visible]]" notify-dom-change on-dom-change="\_onDomChange"\> \<template\> Hello! \</template\> \</dom-if\>`; } \_toggle() { this.visible = !this.visible; } \_onDomChange(e) { console.log("Received 'dom-change' event."); } }customElements.define('some-element', SomeElement);

    Should I use it? This setting is generally recommended.

    legacyNoObservedAttributes / setLegacyNoObservedAttributes

    What does it do? This setting causes LegacyElementMixin not to use the browser's built-in mechanism for informing elements of attribute changes (i.e. observedAttributes and attributeChangedCallback), which lets Polymer skip computing the list of attributes it tells the browser to observe. Instead, LegacyElementMixin simulates this behavior by overriding attribute APIs on the element and calling attributeChangedCallback itself.

    📦 This setting has similar API restrictions to those of the custom elements polyfill. You should only use the element's setAttribute and removeAttribute methods to modify attributes: using (e.g.) the element's attributes property to modify its attributes is not supported with legacyNoObservedAttributes and won't properly trigger attributeChangedCallback or any property effects.

    Components can override the global setting by setting their _legacyForceObservedAttributes property to true. This property's effects occur at startup; it won't have any effect if modified at runtime and should be set in the class definition.

    Should I use it? This setting should only be used if startup time is significantly affected by Polymer's class initialization work - for example, if you have a large number of components being loaded but are only instantiating a small subset of them. Otherwise, this setting is not recommended.

    💅 useAdoptedStyleSheetsWithBuiltCSS / setUseAdoptedStyleSheetsWithBuiltCSS

    What does it do? If your application is uses pre-built Shady CSS styles and your browser supports constructable stylesheet objects, this setting will cause Polymer to extract all <style> elements from your components' templates, join them into a single stylesheet, and share this stylesheet with all instances of the component using their shadow roots' adoptedStyleSheets array. This setting may improve your components' memory usage and performance depending on how many instances you create and how large their style sheets are.

    Should I use it? Consider using this setting if your app already uses pre-built Shady CSS styles. Note that position-dependent CSS selectors (e.g. containing :nth-child()) may become unreliable for siblings of your components' styles as a result of runtime-detected browser support determining if styles are removed from your components' shadow roots.

    Other new features



    What does it do? This boolean property causes <dom-repeat> to reuse template instances even when items is replaced with a new array, matching the Polymer 1 behavior.

    0️⃣ By default, a <dom-repeat> with chunking enabled (i.e. initialCount >= 0) will drop all previously rendered template instances and create new ones whenever the items array is replaced. With reuseChunkedInstances set, any previously rendered template instances will instead be repopulated with data from the new array before new instances are created.

    Should I use it? This flag is generally recommended and can improve rendering performance of chunked <dom-repeat> instances with live data.


    ⬆️ disable-upgrade

    What does it do? LegacyElementMixin now has built-in support for the disable-upgrade attribute (usually provided by DisableUpgradeMixin) that becomes active when the global legacyOptimizations setting is enabled, matching the Polymer 1 behavior.

    Should I use it? Consider using this setting if you are already using the legacyOptimizations setting and migrating older components that depend on disable-upgrade without explicit application of DisableUpgradeMixin.

    🐛 Bug fixes


    Chunking behavior

    <dom-repeat> no longer resets the number of rendered instances to initialCount when modifying items with PolymerElement's array modification methods (splice, push, etc.). The number of rendered instances will only be reset to initialCount if the items array itself is replaced with a new array object.

    👀 See #5631 for more information.

    All commits

    [ci skip] bump to 3.4.0 (commit)

    💅 shareBuiltCSSWithAdoptedStyleSheets -> useAdoptedStyleSheetsWithBuiltCSS (commit)

    formatting (commit)

    🛠 Fix incorrect JSDoc param name. (commit)

    💅 Gate feature behind shareBuiltCSSWithAdoptedStyleSheets; update tests. (commit)

    ➕ Add shareBuiltCSSWithAdoptedStyleSheets global setting (commit)

    ➕ Add stalebot config (commit)

    Annotate more return types as !defined (#5642) (commit)

    Ensure any previously enqueued rAF is canceled when re-rendering. Also, use instances length instead of renderedItemCount since it will be undefined on first render. (commit)

    👌 Improve comment. (commit)

    ✂ Remove obsolete tests. (commit)

    Simplify by making limit a derived value from existing state. This centralizes the calculation of limit based on changes to other state variables. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update Sauce config to drop Safari 9, add 12 & 13. Safari 9 is now very old, and has micro task ordering bugs issues that make testing flaky. (commit)

    ✂ Remove accidental commit of test.only (commit)

    When re-enabling, ensure __limit is at a good starting point and add a test for that. Also: * Ensure __itemsArrayChanged is cleared after every render. * Enqueue __ continueChunkingAfterRaf before notifying renderedItemCount for safety (commit)

    ✂ Remove accidental commit of suite.only (commit)

    Ensure limit is reset when initialCount is disabled. Note that any falsey value for initialCount (including 0) is interpreted as "chunking disabled". This is consistent with 1.x logic, and follows from the logic of "starting chunking by rendering zero items" doesn't really make sense. (commit)

    🔨 Updates from review. * Refactoring __render for readability * Removing __ pool; this was never used in v2: since we reset the pool every update and items are only ever pushed at detach time and we only detach at the end of updates (as opposed to v1 which had more sophisticated splicing) (commit)

    🔀 Store syncInfo on the dom-if, but null it in teardown. (same as invalidProps for non-fastDomIf) (commit)

    Fixes for several related dom-repeat chunking issues. Fixes #5631. * Only restart chunking (resetting the list to the initialCount) if the items array itself changed (and not splices to the array), to match Polymer 1 behavior. * Add reuseChunkedInstances option to allow reusing instances even when items changes; this is likely the more common optimal case when using immutable data, but making it optional for backward compatibility. * Only measure render time and throttle the chunk size if we rendered a full chunk of new items. Ensures that fast re-renders of existing items don't cause the chunk size to scale up dramatically, subsequently causing too many new items to be created in one chunk. * Increase the limit by the chunk size as part of any render if there are new items to render, rather than only as a result of rendering. * Continue chunking by comparing the filtered item count to the limit (not the unfiltered item count). (commit)

    ⚡️ Update comment. (commit)

    🔀 Store syncInfo on instance and don't sync paths. Fixes #5629 (commit)

    Avoid Array.find (doesn't exist in IE) (commit)

    ➕ Add comment to skip. (commit)

    ✅ Skip test when custom elements polyfill is in use (commit)

    Copy flag to a single location rather than two. (commit)

    👕 Lint fix. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update test name. (commit)

    Introduce opt-out per class for legacyNoObservedAttributes (commit)

    Ensure telemetry system works with legacyNoObservedAttributes setting (commit)

    ⚡️ Update package-lock.json (commit)

    ⚡️ Update test/unit/inheritance.html (commit)

    🛠 Fix testing issues with latest webcomponentsjs (commit)

    👍 Allow undefined in legacy _template field to fall-through to normal lookup path. (commit)

    re-add npm cache (commit)

    🔒 regen package-lock (commit)

    mispelled services, node 10 for consistency (commit)

    modernize travis (commit)

    ➕ Adds support for imperatively created elements to legacyNoObservedAttributes (commit)

    Rebase sanitize dom value getter onto legacy-undefined-noBatch (#5618) (commit)

    ➕ Add getSanitizeDOMValue to settings API (#5617) (commit)

    🛠 FIx closure annotation (commit)

    🛠 Fix closure annotation. (commit)

    legacyNoObservedAttributes: Ensure user created runs before attributesChanged (commit)

    ✅ Enable tests for legacyNoObservedAttributes (commit)

    ⬆️ Only auto-use disable-upgrade if legacyOptimizations is set. (commit)

    ➕ Adds disable-upgrade functionality directly to LegacyElementMixin (commit)

    ➕ Add doc comment (commit)

    👕 Lint fixes. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update externs. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update extern format. (commit)

    ➕ Address review feedback. (commit)

    ➕ Address review feedback (commit)

    👕 Lint fixes. (commit)

    ➕ Adds legacyNoAttributes setting (commit)

    ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

    ⚡️ Update polymer externs for new settings. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update lib/utils/settings.js (commit)

    🔄 Changes based on review. (commit)

    ➕ Add basic support for adoptedStyleSheets (commit)

    [ci skip] Add/fix comments per review. (commit)

    ➕ Add missing externs for global settings. (commit)

    ⏪ Revert optimization to not wrap change notifications. This was causing a number of rendering tests to fail. Needs investigation, but possibly because wrapping calls ShadyDOM.flush, and this alters distribution timing which some tests may have inadvertently relied on. (commit)

    👍 Reintroduce suppressTemplateNotifications and gate Dom-change & renderedItemCount on that. Matches Polymer 1 setting for better backward compatibility. (commit)

    ➕ Add notifyDomChange back to dom-if & dom-repeat to match P1. (commit)

    Simplify host stack, set __dataHost unconditionally, and make _registerHost patchable. (commit)

    🚚 Move @Private annotation to decorate class definition. (commit)

    ➕ Add type for _overrideLegacyUndefined. (commit)

    Attempt to fix travis issues (commit)

    ⏪ Revert isAttached change based on review feedback. Deemed a breaking change. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update travis to use xenial distro and, latest Firefox, and node 10 (commit)

    🚚 Applies micro-optimizations and removes obsolete settings (commit)

    ↪ Work around Closure Compiler bug to avoid upcoming type error (commit)

    Only import each file once (#5588) (commit)

    Avoid Array.from on Set. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update nested template names. (commit)

    ➕ Add runtime stamping tests around linking & unlinking effects. (commit)

    🛠 Ensure parent is linked to child templateInfo. Fixes fastDomIf unstopping issue. (commit)

    ✂ Remove unused TemplateInfo properties from types. (commit)

    ➕ Add other used TemplateInfo property types. (commit)

    ➕ Add type for TemplateInfo#parent. (commit)

    [ci-skip] Add comment explaining confusing check in _addPropertyToAttributeMap (commit)

    Ensure clients are flushed when runtime stamping via _stampTemplate. Maintains flush semantics with Templatizer stamping (relevant to fastDomIf, which is a switch between Templatizer-based stamping and runtime _stampTemplate-based stamping). Works around an issue with noPatch where nested undistributed dom-if's won't stamp. The changes to the tests are to remove testing that the full host tree is correct since the host doing the runtime stamping will no longer be the DOM getRootNode().host at ready time (this is exactly the case with Templatizer, whose semantics we intend to match). (commit)

    Fix template-finding issue with DisableUpgrade mixin. The existing rules are that prototype._template is first priority and dom-module via is is second priority for a given class. A subclass has a new shot at overriding the previous template either by defining a new prototype._template or a new is resulting in a dom-module lookup. However, trivially subclassing a Polymer legacy element breaks these rules, since if there is no own prototype._template on the current class, it will lookup a dom-module using is from up the entire prototype chain. This defeats the rule that a prototype._template on the superclass should have taken priority over its dom-module. This change ensures that we only lookup dom-module if the class has an own is property. (commit)

    🛠 Fix issue with camel cased properties and disable-upgrade (commit)

    🛠 More closure fixes. (commit)

    🛠 closure fixes (commit)

    👕 lint fixes (commit)

    🛠 Fix issue with defaults overriding bound values when disable-upgrade is used. (commit)

    ➕ Add closure types (commit)

    ⬆️ Use DisbleUpgradeMixin in legacy class generation (commit)

    ➕ Add comment about why code is duplicated. (commit)

    ➕ Add tests for connected/disconnected while disabled (commit)

    👌 Improve comments. (commit)

    ➕ Added comments. (commit)

    🛠 Fix typo and improve readbility (commit)

    ⬆️ Enable disable-upgrade when legacyOptimizations is set to true (commit)

    ✂ Remove use of Object.create on template info (significant perf impact). (commit)

    🔀 Attempt to sync host properties on every call to _showHideChildren. Fixes an issue where a dom-if that is toggled synchronously true-false-true could fail to sync properties invalidated while false, since the hidden state is only checked at render timing, and the newly added dirty-check could fail if the hidden state has been changed back to its initial value. (commit)

    ➕ Add tests for extension and dom-if/repeat (commit)

    ⚡️ Update stand alone disable-upgrade mixin. (commit)

    ✂ Remove cruft from test (commit)

    ⬆️ Simplify logic for disable-upgrade (commit)

    ✅ Use a safer flag, based on internal testing. (commit)

    Reorder based on review feedback. (commit)

    🛠 Fix closure type. (commit)

    ⚡️ Updated comment. (commit)

    🔀 Ensure hasPaths is also accumulated as part of info necessary to sync. (commit)

    🛠 Fix one more closure annotation. (commit)

    Simplify algorithm; we already have list of computed deps in effect list. (commit)

    🏗 Build computed graph from dependencies, rather than properties. (commit)

    🛠 Fix closure annotations for dom-if. (commit)

    👕 Avoid lint warnings. (commit)

    Minor simplifications/comments. (commit)

    ⚡️ Updates from review. (commit)

    🛠 Closure type fixes. (commit)

    🎉 Initialize all settings from Polymer object when available. (commit)

    🛠 Fix host prop merging. (commit)

    ⚡️ Updates based on review. (commit)

    🛠 Fix defaults back to false for new settings. (commit)

    ➕ Add a dirty check to showHideChildren (commit)

    🛠 Fix host property syncing (commit)

    ➕ Adds disable-upgrade directly into legacy Polymer elements (commit)

    🔨 Refactor DomIf into separate subclasses. (commit)

    ⚙ Runtime stamped dom-if (commit)

    dom-if/dom-repeat bind-to-parent (commit)

    🛠 Fix a few closure compiler issues (commit)

    [ci skip] Add comment (commit)

    🛠 Fix typo in comment (commit)

    🚚 Cleanup, add tests. * remove old implementation * add API docs * rename some API * add dynamicFn to dep count * add test for method as dependency (commit)

    [wip] Add additional topo-sort based algorithm. (commit)

    Dedupe against a single turn on only under orderedComputed (commit)

    🛠 Fix closure issues (commit)

    ➕ Add hasPaths optimziation (commit)

    ⚡️ Minor comment updates (commit)

    🛠 Evaluate computed property dependencies first. Fixes #5143 (commit)

    ➕ Add more externs (commit)

    🛠 Fix lint warnings (commit)

    ➕ Add comments per review feedback (commit)

    ➕ Add legacyNotifyOrder. Improve comments. (commit)

    ➕ Add test for literal-only static function. (commit)

    ✂ Remove unnecessary literal check (commit)

    Simplify (commit)

    ➕ Add templatizer warnings. Move to legacyWarnings flag. (commit)

    ➕ Add legacyUndefined and legacyNoBatch to externs (commit)

    NOOP has to be an array for closure compiler (commit)

    ➕ Add comments on warning limitations. (commit)

    Ensure properties are set one-by-one at startup. (commit)

    ✂ Remove unnecessary qualification. (commit)

    ⚠ Avoid over-warning on templatizer props and "static" dynamicFns. (commit)

    Store splices directly on array when legacyUndefined is set (commit)

    🛠 Fix test (commit)

    ➕ Add arg length check (commit)

    ➕ Adds legacyNoBatch setting (commit)

    ➕ Add tests for legacyUndefined setting (commit)

    ➕ Adds legacyUndefined setting (commit)

  • v3.3.1 Changes

    November 08, 2019
    • [ci skip] bump to 3.3.1 11f1f13
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5594 from rslawik/patch-1 e477a6f
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5600 from Polymer/TimvdLippe-patch-2 dc20fec
    • ✂ Remove TimvdLippe from CODEOWNERS b99c299
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5598 from Polymer/polymer-dom-api 8c69fb8
    • ➕ Add node field to PolymerDomApi 15747c8
    • 👌 Improve types for the template field on Polymer elements. (#5596) 4274bce
    • ➕ Add module field 9a4d4d9
    • Merge pull request #5584 from Polymer/closure-__hasRegisterFinished f6ccc9d
    • Wrap other hasOwnProperty checks in JSCompiler_renameProperty. 0541b21
    • Wrap hasOwnProperty checks for __hasRegisterFinished in JSCompiler_renameProperty(). 9e90fd2
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5578 from Polymer/fix-placeholder-typing 96c125e
    • 🛠 Fix typing error in fixPlaceholder f050ce9
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5577 from Polymer/ie-placeholder-binding 7d6d715
    • 🛠 Fix up comments based on feedback ab49f51
    • ↪ Workaround bindings to textarea.placeholder in IE 61767da
    • ➕ Add additional externs (#5575) 69ee468
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5566 from Polymer/compile e7e4c24
    • 👉 Make Closure compiler happier about ShadyDOM access 46ee2ae
    • ✂ Remove other double import (#5565) 0d2c2e5
    • Only use CONST_CASE for constants. (#5564) 54f8b47
    • ⚡️ [skip ci] update changelog ac12b3b


  • v3.3.0 Changes

    June 24, 2019
    • ⚡️ [ci skip] Update version to 3.3.0 dd7c0d7
    • Don't import/export from the same file twice (#5562) 94585c3
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5559 from Polymer/compile 9c7492d
    • ➕ Add @override, remove @attribute/@group/@hero/@homepageed7709f
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5558 from Polymer/compile 8af0ec4
    • Closure compilation tweaks 15090f2
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5557 from Polymer/compile 1b8263f
    • ➕ Add @return description a6bff43
    • 🛠 Fix some Closure annotations 0810bf3
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5550 from Polymer/externs-fixes-1 fe81676
    • 📌 Pin to firefox 66 because of selenium error f0fb532
    • 🛠 Fix eslint errors. 6dfaa5f
    • ➕ Add some casts for places Closure doesn't understand constructor 10d43ce
    • ➕ Add new mixin annotations, remove GestureEventListeners alias 0ae14b9
    • Align signatures of attributeChangedCallback 4cc6c33
    • Add @return annotation for PROPERTY_EFFECT_TYPES getter 3dd189c
    • Annotate __dataEnabled in a way analyzer understands e4e9e2f
    • 🛠 Fix old global namespace type annotation for TemplateInstanceBase fc190dd
    • ➕ Add @Suppress annotation for use of deprecated cssFromModules 54b1d78
    • 🛠 Fix GestureEventListeners generated externs name. cdd4e20
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5548 from Polymer/hide-template-controls-globally 05231a0
    • Globally hide dom-{bind,if,repeat} elements with legacyOptmizations on 43f57b1
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5546 from Polymer/sync-closure-annotations 76bfc0a
    • ⚡️ Update dependencies to fix firefox 67 tests ff2edd5
    • 🔀 Sync closure compiler annotations ad08420
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5544 from Polymer/scopesubtree-same-scope 927ae6a
    • ✂ remove unused variable in test c051c5b
    • ✂ remove debugger line 634d736
    • 👉 Make sure scopeSubtree does not recurse through other ShadowRoots 8a5c1e9
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5542 from Polymer/5541-kschaaf-template-display 4f40589
    • 🛠 Don't set display: none under legacyOptimizations. Fixes #5541. c9cf56c
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5537 from Polymer/scopeSubtree 6be58b0
    • 👉 Use Array.from instead of a list comprehension 338d420
    • 🔧 Merge pull request #5533 from LarsDenBakker/fix/configure-cancel-synthetic-click 971d32d
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5538 from Polymer/cl245273850 1c10f0c
    • ➕ Add check for // 3db5608
    • 👉 Use native qSA e10019a
    • Implement scopeSubtree for ShadyDOM noPatch mode 6bc9534
    • ✂ Remove unneccessary test 1f08059
    • ➕ Add URL try/catch 940b3cd
    • Upstreaming cl/245273850 413ef2f
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5534 from Polymer/removeAttribute-scoping 3b6f334
    • 👍 Allow configuring cancelling synthetic click behavior 00d4cdf
    • ➕ Add test for class$ binding 8043d4c
    • 🛠 Fix class$ bindings for ShadyDOM.noPatch mode a0b83b2
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5531 from Polymer/resolve-url 969f289
    • ➕ Add test for resolveUrl('//') 5537380
    • Check directly for // in resolveUrl because it isn't a valid URL d0ea20a
    • ⚙ Run resolveUrl for protocol-relative urls (#5530) 733cf68
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5527 from Polymer/localTarget-noPatch 03b2c66
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5528 from Polymer/closure-statics-workaround 8f7119a
    • 🛠 Fix lint 6960c2b
    • Cast GestureEventListeners. 3437334
    • ↪ Work around google/closure-compiler#3240cc7702b
    • 🛠 Fix localTareget when ShadyDOM.noPatch is in use 7925254
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5518 from Polymer/fix-className-bindings-master 07f1e19
    • 🔀 Merge branch 'master' into fix-className-bindings-master 652fea9
    • ⬆️ Merge pull request #5487 from Polymer/shadydom-upgrade 176c001
    • webcomponentsjs 2.2.10 002a431
    • ⬆️ upgrade dependencies. 3b7c9f8
    • ⬆️ upgrade webcomponentsjs to 2.2.9 4e60395
    • ⬆️ Merge pull request #5520 from Polymer/avoid-template-upgrade 8f4cc31
    • [ci skip] Add comment c7eb7c1
    • ⬆️ Merge branch 'master' into shadydom-upgrade dd98569
    • ⬆️ Use attachShadow({shadyUpgradeFragment})3af9f34
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5522 from Polymer/5428-kschaaf-undefined-wildcard ddcfc63
    • ✂ Remove test.only ca12448
    • 🛠 Ensure wildcard arguments get undefined treatment. Fixes #5428. f5a45eb
    • 🛠 Fix typo 6adbc23
    • 🛠 Fix className on browsers without good native accessors b13e656
    • don't depend on attachDom existing. 8d7def7
    • ⬆️ Merge branch 'master' into shadydom-upgrade 707a376
    • Simplify f1a9d4f
    • ⬆️ Avoid upgrading template if no hostProps, for better perf. 65a5b48
    • ⚡️ Update webcomponents dev dependency for testing className fix a1c67e4
    • 🛠 fix closure compiler error 002ef94
    • 🛠 fix lint issues 439c245
    • ➕ Address review feedback via comment. 4e1d6a1
    • Ensure className bindings work correctly when ShadyDOM.noPatch is used. eb2385a
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5512 from Polymer/no-walker b7c73bd
    • ✂ Remove use of TreeWalker for finding nodes in templates. 24d642e
    • 🔀 Merge pull request #5511 from dvanderleij/master 4043c84
    • ✂ Remove Google+ links in and CONTRIBUTING.MD dc88057
    • 👉 Use correct ShadyDOM API: attachDom1aeaa80
    • ⬆️ Use ShadyDOM.upgrade50ba9ce


  • v3.2.0 Changes

    March 21, 2019
    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update polymer version (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix lint (commit)

    • ➕ Add tests. (commit)

    • 🚚 Ensure debouncer is removed from queue before running callback. (commit)

    • 🚚 Don't clear set at end for flush reentrancy safety; canceling removes from set (commit)

    • Assert the callback was called. (commit)

    • Ensure the debouncer is not already canceled before canceling. (commit)

    • ⚡️ Fix a couple of closure type issues. * gestures - update internal type changes * debounce - fix mistaken return type (commit)

    • 💅 Revert to getStyle() (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix getStyle definition (commit)

    • ➕ Add extra test (commit)

    • 👉 Use in check rather than undefined. (commit)

    • 👍 Allow value to merge from previous behavior property declaration. Fixes #5503 (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix/suppress upcoming JSCompiler build errors (commit)

    • ➕ Add comment about flush order when re-debouncing (commit)

    • 🛠 FIx lint (commit)

    • ✂ Remove debug code (commit)

    • Re-add the queue removal in setConfig (commit)

    • ✂ Remove debug code (commit)

    • ✂ Remove test.only (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix order of flushed debouncers to match 1.x (commit)

    • ➕ Add comments and avoid Array.fill (commit)

    • 🛠 Use set and clear debouncer upon completion. Fixes #5250. (commit)

    • ➕ Added comment based on review feedback. (commit)

    • ➕ Add property reflection to notify path and friends calls to support closure-compiler renaming. (commit)

    • ➕ Add classList to Polymer.dom when ShadyDOM.noPatch is used (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update externs from internal (commit)

    • ✅ Use webcomponents 2.2.7 for initialSync tests (commit)

    • ➕ Add @fileoverview, put @suppress after it (commit)

    • ➕ address feedback (commit)

    • 👉 use JSCompiler_renameProperty bare (commit)

    • ✂ Remove semicolon after class definition (lint). (commit)

    • 🔨 Refactor symbols to make gen-typescript-declarations happy (commit)

    • Ensure argument types match. (commit)

    • 🛠 Backport closure compiler fixes from internal (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix test warning in Edge/IE (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix test in IE/Edge (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update package-lock (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update webcomponents vesrion. (commit)

    • ✂ Remove unused import (commit)

    • ➕ Add comment re: undefined issue (commit)

    • 🚚 Move undeclared property warning to element-mixin. (commit)

    • ➕ Add issue for TODO (commit)

    • ⬆️ Upgrade wcjs (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix lint errors. (commit)

    • ⬆️ Upgrade wcjs (commit)

    • ⚡️ Updates based on review. (commit)

    • ➕ Add better messaging for scoping test (commit)

    • ✂ Remove addressed TODO comment. (commit)

    • ⚠ Clarify warning. Add comment. (commit)

    • ➕ Add warnings for disabling boolean settings. (commit)

    • ⬆️ Upgrade webcomponentsjs (commit)

    • ⬆️ Upgrade webcomponentsjs (commit)

    • 🔨 Refactor to make code more readable, add tests, remove dead code. (commit)

    • ➕ Adds syncInitialRender setting (commit)

    • Ensure that marshalArgs pulls wildcard info value from __data It currently pulls the value from changedProps rather than __data, meaning it could provide stale data for re-entrant changes. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix lint warning (commit)

    • ➕ Add warning for redeclared computed properties. (commit)

    • ➕ Add warning for undeclared properties used in bindings. (commit)

    • 🔀 Make initial distribution synchronous when legacyOptimizations is set (commit)

    • Ensure dispatchEvent is wrapped (commit)

    • Disable auto strip-whitespace on template with legacyOptimizations (commit)

    • ➕ Add tests for calling Polymer() with ES6 class (commit)

    • 👉 use a regular for-loop intead of for-of (commit)

    • 👕 Lint clean (commit)

    • ✂ Remove @override from static methods on mixins. (commit)

    • Externs should use var instead of let (commit)

    • ➕ Add @suppress annotations for missing property checks. (commit)

    • 👍 Allow Polymer({}) calls with ES6 class (commit)

    • [wrap] Fix doc comment. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix typo (commit)

    • 👉 Make sure _valueToNodeAttribute uses wrap (commit)

    • Suppress upcoming jscompiler errors. (commit)

    • compromise with typescript and closure (commit)

    • 🛠 Closure typing fixes (commit)

    • ➕ Add type jsdoc to templatize root property. (commit)

    • ✂ Remove meaningless "undefined" in settings.js (commit)

    • 👉 Make noPatch safe with older versions of ShadyDOM (commit)

    • Temporarily disable type genration (commit)

    • 🔄 Changes based on review. (commit)

    • 🔄 Changes based on review. (commit)

    • More shady compatible wrapping (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix typos (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update to match 2.x branch (commit)

    • ⬆️ Revert "Manual merge from perf-opt-disable-upgrade branch." (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update Polymer 3 package-lock. (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update to webcomponentsjs 2.2.0 (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update to latest webcomponentsjs (commit)

    • ⬆️ Manual merge from perf-opt-disable-upgrade branch. (commit)

    • ✂ Remove double-import of settings (commit)

    • 👕 Document properties for eslint. (commit)

    • ➕ Add back event tests. (commit)

    • 👉 Use closure-safe name (commit)

    • ➕ Add tests (commit)

    • Ensure properties and observers are interleaved per behavior (commit)

    • Ensure property values are always overridden by extendors/behaviors (commit)

    • Ensure registered is always called on element prototype (commit)

    • err instead of air (commit)

    • Do lazy behavior copying only when legacyOptimizations is set (commit)

    • 🛠 Behavior property copying fixes (commit)

    • Ensure initial static classes are preserved when a class$ binding is present (commit)

    • Get typescript compiling again. (commit)

    • ✂ Remove extra space (commit)

    • Avoid copying certain properties from behaviors (commit)

    • ✅ skip some tests that never really worked in ShadyDOM (commit)

    • 🚚 Move __activateDir into check instead of replace (commit)

    • Don't set up observer in ShadyDOM (commit)

    • 🔀 Manually merge changes from #5418 (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix merge conflict around toggleAttribute (commit)

    • Get Polymer compiling clean under closure recommended flags (commit)

    • 🛠 Apply LegacyDataMixin to TemplatizeInstanceBase. Fixes #5422 (commit)

    • ✅ TemplateStamp (commit)

    • 🛠 Fixes #5420 (commit)

    • 👕 Lint fix (commit)

    • ⚡️ Updates ported from perf-opt branch (commit)

    • ✅ rename test file. (commit)

    • Check for ShadyDOM and :dir selectors before trying css transform (commit)

    • 📇 Rename Closure V1 compatibility PolymerDomApi types for TypeScript types. (commit)

    • Hybrid compatibility for PolymerDomApi and Polymer.Iconset types. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix another unsafe property assignment in Polymer. (commit)

    • ➕ Add explicit null template for array-selector (commit)

    • ✂ remove cruft (commit)

    • ➕ Adds basic legacy support for ShadyDOM.unPatch (WIP) (commit)

    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

    • ➕ Adds setting to skip style incudes and url rewriting (commit)

    • ⏪ restores functionality of Polymer.mixinBehaviors (commit)

    • Avoids using mixins for behaviors. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix jsdoc comment (commit)

    • ⚠ Upstream warning text. (commit)

    • Upstream changes to externs (commit)

  • v3.1.0 Changes

    October 26, 2018

    🆕 New Features

    • ➕ Added LegacyDataMixin to optionally use Polymer v1's behavior in handling of undefined in data bindings.
      • Intended to help larger apps transition from Polymer v1 to v3.
    • Implement opt-in strictTemplatePolicy to protect against XSS attacks with templating
      • Enabling strictTemplatePolicy by calling setStrictTemplatePolicy(true) setting causes the following changes in behavior:
      • All "self-stamping" templates including <dom-bind>, <dom-repeat>, and <dom-if> will throw errors and not stamp if not originating from inside the template of a trusted element registered via script.
      • Template retrieval from <dom-module> is disabled (since templates should be defined inline in JS via static get template() using thehtml tag function).
      • Legacy <dom-module> template lookup can be re-enabled via setAllowTemplateFromDomModule(true) setting; under that setting, the following additional behavior will apply:
        • Re-registration of <dom-module> will throw and cause template lookup for that element name to return null.
        • Elements that do not have templates by design must explicitly indicate a null template to prevent template retrieval from inject <dom-module>s, otherwise they will throw an error

    Meaningful Changes

    • A LOT of typing improvements for both Typescript and Closure compiler
    • ➕ Add back ability to set window.Polymer.sanitizeDOMValue before Polymer loads
    • 🛠 Fix data-binding notification events when the bound element has children.
    • 👉 Make sure static get properties() is only read once.

    Raw Notes

    ⚡️ update dependencies (commit)

    ➕ Add beforeRegister callback to externs (commit)

    👉 Make toggleAttribute match with native signature (#5372) (commit)

    🛠 Fixed typos on lines 133 and 157 (#5409) (commit)

    🛠 Fix signature of toggleAttribute to match native version (#5370) (commit)

    ⚡️ Update jsdoc for PropertyEffects.splice (#5367) (commit)

    Expand type of LegacyElementMixin#listen and unlisten to accept EventTargets. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update gen-closure-declarations to 0.5.0 (#5360) (commit)

    ➕ Add TypeScript types for observer parameters. (#5359) (commit)

    ➕ Add missing return type to attributeChanged (commit)

    ➕ Add specific type for behaviors (commit)

    👌 Improve typings for legacy elements (commit)

    ➕ Add @export (commit)

    👌 Improve types of flattened-nodes-observer further. (commit)

    ➕ Add cast for compilation (commit)

    Only generate types once on Travis (commit)

    🚚 Move type generation from prepack to prepare (commit)

    Collapse imports for file into one statement (commit)

    Cleanup modulizer conversion leftovers (#5347) (commit)

    ➕ Add comments re: need for mixing in before metaprogramming (commit)

    🔒 regen-package-lock (commit)

    Don't run Firefox in headless mode. (commit)

    🛠 Fix jsdoc syntax. (commit)

    ⚡️ Updates based on code review. Add computed tests. (commit)

    👉 Use type generator binary instead of gulp script. (commit)

    ✂ Remove unnecessary @const. (commit)

    ➕ Add return description. (commit)

    0️⃣ Grandfather defaulting sanitizeDOMValue from legacy Polymer object. (commit)

    Minor changes to formatting and jsdoc (commit)

    ⚡️ Update paths in gulpfile (commit)

    🛠 Fix mixin jsdoc. (commit)

    ➕ Add legacy-data-mixin as 1.x->2.x/3.x migration aide. Fixes #5262. (commit)

    🛠 Fix jsdoc to pass lint (commit)

    ➕ Add documentation to boot.js (commit)

    The return type of mixinBehaviors is unknown (commit)

    Export EventApi, same as DomApi (commit)

    ✂ Remove undocumented logging feature (#5331) (commit)

    Cleanup element-mixin leftovers from modulizer (commit)

    👉 Use case-map lib in a saner way. (commit)

    🛠 Fix a grab bag of closure compiler warnings. (commit)

    Protect DomModule.import against renaming (commit)

    ➕ Add @nocollapse for jscompiler (commit)

    📜 Ensure boot.js can only be parsed as a module (commit)

    👉 Use simpler class declaration and export form (#5325) (commit)

    Ensure unresolved.js is an es module (#5324) (commit)

    🚚 Move version to ElementMixin prototype (commit)

    👉 Use relative path module specifier in gen-tsd autoImport setting. (commit)

    ⚡️ Update TemplateStamp event listen param types from Node to EventTarget. (#5320) (commit)

    ➕ Add test for direct assignment to template. (commit)

    ➕ Add a template setter to ElementMixin. (commit)

    Export the current Polymer version in polymer-element.js (commit)

    👉 Make Polymer gestures library safe for Closure property renaming (take 2). (#5314) (commit)

    👉 Make event notification handler read the value from currentTarget, (#5313) (commit)

    ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

    Upstream externs changes for DomRepeatEvent (commit)

    Back to single template getter. Add more comments. (commit)

    ⚡️ Revert to legacy template getter, update tests. (commit)

    ⚡️ More updates based on code review. (commit)

    🛠 Fix allowTemplateFromDomModule opt-in (commit)

    🛠 Fix lint warnings. (commit)

    ⚡️ Updates based on code review. (commit)

    ⬆️ npm upgrade dependencies (commit)

    🛠 Fix lint warnings. (commit)

    Catch errors on top window using uncaughtErrorFilter Works around safari quirk when running in iframe (commit)

    🛠 Fix latent (benign) error thrown when removing dom-if via innerHTML. (commit)

    👉 Use setting via setStrictTemplatePolicy export. (commit)

    ➕ Add tests. (commit)

    Implement opt-in strictTemplatePolicy (flag TBD) - disable dom-bind - disable dom-module template lookup - disable templatizer of templates not stamped in trusted polymer template (commit)

    Ensure properties is only called once (commit)

    ✂ Remove dom-module in test (commit)

  • v3.0.5 Changes

    July 30, 2018
    • ➕ Add more missing .d.ts files from being npm published. (commit)

    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

  • v3.0.4 Changes

    July 30, 2018
    • 📦 Ensure generated interfaces.d.ts is included in npm package (commit)

    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

  • v3.0.3 Changes

    July 30, 2018
    • 🔒 rebuild package-lock (commit)

    • Generate typings for Polymer 3. (commit)

    • ⏪ Revert Promise changes. (commit)

    • 👕 Lint fixes. (commit)

    • ⏪ Restore some externs. (commit)

    • Upstream a bunch of g3 changes. (commit)

    • ➕ Add no-unused-vars eslint suppressions. (commit)

    • Annotate another two ephemeral classes. (commit)

    • Mark some ephemeral super classes as private. (commit)

    • Annotate Node parameter as not null. (commit)

    • Annotate some internal classes as private. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix some appliesMixin annotations still with Polymer namespace. (commit)

    • TypeScript generator config and extra interfaces for Polymer 3. (commit)

    • 👉 Tweaks to make Polymer 3 more amenable to typings generation. (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix gulp 4 issues (commit)

    • Extend Safari exceptions beyond 10.1 (commit)

    • Ignore shady CSS scoping in getComposedHTML (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix method to force CE polyfill on in 3.x (commit)

    • 👍 Convert object to class for better compilation (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix Typo in Readme (#5260) (commit)

    • 🔒 regen package-lock.json (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update supported browsers in issue template (commit)

    • ✂ Remove modulized comment (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update package.lock (commit)

    • 🛠 Fix typo in jsdoc (#5248) (commit)

    • 📦 Replace .npmignore with package.json "files" option. (#5245) (commit)

    • Spelling (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update template docs (#5233) (commit)

    • 🛠 fix lint (commit)

    • 🛠 Port disabled fixes from 2.x (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update repo URL (commit)

    • ➕ Add badges (commit)

    • ⚡️ Update development instructions for 3.0 (#5226) (commit)

    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

    • ⚡️ Closure extern update (commit)

    • ➕ Add user-importable files to bower.json's main field for modulizer. (commit)

  • v3.0.2 Changes

    May 09, 2018
    • ➕ Add back modulizer manifest (commit)

    • ⚡️ [ci skip] update changelog (commit)