HyperApp is a JavaScript library for building frontend applications.

Declarative: HyperApp's design is based on the Elm Architecture. Create scalable browser-based applications using a functional paradigm. The twist is you don't have to learn a new language.

Stateless components: Build complex user interfaces from micro-components. Stateless components are framework agnostic, reusable, predictable and easier to debug.

Batteries-included: Out of the box, HyperApp has Elm-like state management, a virtual DOM engine and a router; it still weighs 1kb and has no dependencies. We're not opinionated about your stack either; use Browserify with Hyperx; Webpack or Rollup with Babel/JSX, etc.

Code Quality Rank: L4
Monthly Downloads: 3,338
Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Frameworks     Testing Frameworks     UI     Front-end     React     Framework     Jsx     Virtual Dom     Vdom     Elm     Hyperx     Hyperscript     Hyperapp    

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