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  • v1.21.0 Changes

    February 01, 2016
    • Assert: Improve size and speed of QUnit.equiv
    • Assert: Fully support Object-wrapped primitives in deepEqual
    • Assert: Register notOk as a non-negative assertion
    • CSS: Fix hidden test results under static parents
    • Core: Improve regular expression comparisons
    • Core: Support filtering by regular expression
    • Test: Prevents skiping tests after rerun reordering
    • Tests: Differentiate QUnit.equiv assertions
  • v1.20.0 Changes

    October 27, 2015
    • Assert: Exposes assert.raises() to the global scope
    • Assert: Add a calls count parameter on assert.async
    • Build: Improve grunt speed using grunt-concurrent
    • Core: Implement QUnit.only
    • Core: Support Symbol types on QUnit.equiv
    • Core: QUnit.start fails if called with a non-numeric argument
    • Core: Implement Nested modules
    • Core: Equivalency for descendants of null constructors
    • HTML Reporter: Adds indicator for filtered test
    • HTML Reporter: Collapse details for successive failed tests
    • Test: Fix regression when a failing test canceled the module hooks
    • Tests: Isolate and improve tests for Object equivalency
    • Tests: Split browserstack runs on CI to avoid timeout errors
  • v1.19.0 Changes

    September 01, 2015
    • Assert: Add support to ES6' Map and Set equiv objects
    • Build: Enable IRC notifications for Travis CI
    • Build: Add 'Readme' to commitplease components
    • Build: Remove unintended QUnit global export on Node
    • Build: Remove testSwarm job
    • Core: Implement QUnit.stack
    • Dump: Escape backslash when quoting strings
    • HTML Reporter: Avoid readyState issue with PhantomJS
    • HTML Reporter: HTML reporter enhancements for negative asserts
    • HTML Reporter: Show diff only when it helps
    • Tests: Avoid loosen errors on autostart test
    • Tests: HTML Reporter tests are now isolated with reordering disabled
    • Tests: Rename stack error tests
    • Test: Release module hooks to avoid memory leaks
    • Test: Don't pass Promise fulfillment value to QUnit.start
    • Test: Source Displayed Even for Passed Test
  • v1.18.0 Changes

    April 03, 2015
    • Assert: throws uses push method only
    • Assert: Fix missing test on exported throws
    • Assert: Implements notOk to assert falsy values
    • Core: More graceful handling of AMD
    • Core: Simplify stack trace methods
    • Core: Expose Dump maxDepth property
    • Core: Expose QUnit version as QUnit.version property
    • Core: Handle multiple testId parameters
    • Dump: Fix .name/.property doublettes
    • HTML Reporter: New diff using Google's Diff-Patch-Match Library
    • HTML Reporter: Make it more obvious why diff is suppressed.
    • HTML Reporter: Change display text for bad tests
    • HTML Reporter: Fix checkbox and select handling in IE <9
    • HTML Reporter: Fix test filter without any module
    • HTML Reporter: Retain failed tests numbers
    • Test: lowercase the valid test filter before using it
  • v1.17.1 Changes

    January 20, 2015
    • HTML Reporter: Fix missing toolbar bug
  • v1.17.0 Changes

    January 19, 2015
    • Build: Remove bower.json from ignored files
    • Build: Support Node.js export parity with CommonJS
    • HTML Reporter: Add the filter field
    • HTML Reporter: Don't hide skipped tests
    • HTML Reporter: Fix regression for old markup
    • HTML Reporter: Prevent XSS attacks
    • HTML Reporter: QUnit.url is now a private function in the HTML Reporter
    • HTML Reporter: url params can be set by code
  • v1.16.0 Changes

    December 03, 2014
    • Assert: Add alias for throws called 'raises'
    • Async: Fail assertions after existing assert.async flows are resolved
    • Async: Implement assert.async
    • Async: Tests are now Promise-aware
    • Callbacks: Restore and warn if some logging callback gets modified
    • Callbacks: Throws an error on non-function params for logging methods
    • Core: change url() helper to output ?foo instead of ?foo=true
    • Core: Detail modules and tests names in the logging callbacks
    • Core: Implements QUnit.skip
    • Core: Remove constructor
    • Core: Rename config.module to config.moduleFilter
    • Core: Use Error#stack without throwing when available
    • Dump: Configurable limit for object depth
    • HTML Reporter: Enable activating config.hidepassed from URL params
    • HTML Reporter: Move QUnit.reset back to core to run it before testDone
    • HTML Reporter: Output runtime of each assertion in results
    • Logging: Add runtime to moduleDone
    • Logging: Defer begin event till tests actually starts
    • Test: Introduce order independent testId to replace testNumber
    • Test: Rename module's setup/teardown to beforeEach/afterEach
  • v1.15.0 Changes

    August 08, 2014
    • ✅ Assert: Implement Assert constructor with test context. This heavily improves debugging of async tests, since assertions can't leak into other tests anymore. Use the assert argument in your test callbacks to run assertions to get the full benefit of this.
    • 0️⃣ Assert: Improved the default message from assert.ok. Now assert.ok() outputs the exact value it received, instead of only saying it wasn't thruthy.
    • 🚚 Assert: Removal of raises, same and equals. These were deprecated a long time ago and finally removed. Use throws, deepEqual and equal instead.
    • ✅ Core: Pass total amount of tests to QUnit.begin callback as totalTests. Will be used by Karma and other reporters.
    • 🚚 Dump: Move QUnit.jsDump to QUnit.dump. QUnit.jsDump still exists, but will be removed later. Use QUnit.dump.
    • Dump: Output non-enumerable properties of TypeError. Makes it easier to compare properties of error objects.
    • ✅ Reporter: Output only assertion count for green tests. Less visual clutter for passing tests.
    • ♻️ Reporter: Move HTML reporter to a new JS file. The HTML reporter is still bundled, but the code has been refactored to move it to a separate file.
    • 🚚 Test: Remove deprecated QUnit.current_testEnvironment
    • 👍 Throws: support for oldIE native Error types. Error objects in IE are buggy, this works around those issues.
  • v1.14.0 Changes

    January 31, 2014
    • Grunt: Run tests on ios browserSet as well
    • Package: Set main property to qunit/qunit.js
    • Grunt: Inline browserSet config for TestSwarm runs
    • CSS: Removing redundancy
    • Core: Add config property for disabling default scroll-to-top
    • Grunt: Remove addons leftovers
    • Addons: Remove last remnants
    • Core: Extend QUnit.config.urlConfig to support select-one dropdowns
    • Assert: Extend throws to accept Error instances
    • Assert: Extend throws to handle errors as strings
    • CSS: Updating qunit.css for consistency
    • Core: Cache window.clearTimeout in case it gets mocked
    • Core: Run multiple tests by test number
    • jshint: add es3 option to ensure oldie support
  • v1.13.0 Changes

    January 04, 2014
    • Tests: Stop using the expected argument in test() calls
    • Logging: Add runtime property to testDone, deprecate duration
    • Assert: Remove raises (deprecated 2012), replace with failed assertion
    • Grunt: Add non-browser test as grunt task. Runs existing tests in node.
    • Export: Only export to the variable that we check for.
    • Core: Properly check for existence of document
    • Core: Remove triggerEvent, which isn't used or documented anywhere.
    • Core: Silence addEvent in non-browser env
    • The Grand QUnit Split of 2013
    • Use id function for selection elements in two places that were not using it. Closes gh-463
    • Add bower.json. Fixes #461