react-vis v0.10.1 Release Notes

  • 🚀 In this release we release a new chart type, a large repo refactor, address a variety of bugs, and a host of additional features!

    • 🆕 New Chart: Type: Sankey Diagram: this chart type allows users visualize data flows and transfers. We are initially releasing this chart in alpha, so that we can gather feedback, and iterate to make the best chart that we can! Check out the docs here here!

    • 🐛 Bug Fix: Fix numerous bugs on the radial plot, including mouse interaction issues, incorrect domains, and props falling out of sync

    • ♻️ Refactor: We reorganized the way that we are keeping/organizing our repo, installed yarn, added webpack for the examples. (Pro tip, if you are having trouble running the examples after upgrading rm -rf your dist)

    • 🔋 Feature: Allow custom crosshair orientation

    • 🔋 Feature: Added interaction listeners for the tree map