Scramjet is a fast, simple, multi-threaded functional stream programming framework written on top of node.js object streams. It exposes a standards inspired javascript API and written fully in native ES6. Thanks to it some built in optimizations scramjet is much faster and much much simpler than similar frameworks when using asynchronous operations.

It is built upon the logic behind three well known javascript array operations - namingly map, filter and reduce. This means that if you've ever performed operations on an Array in JavaScript - you already know Scramjet like the back of your hand.

The main advantage of scramjet is running asynchronous operations on your data streams. First of all it allows you to perform the transformations both synchronously and asynchronously by using the same API - so now you can "map" your stream from whatever source and call any number of API's consecutively.

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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Functional Programming     Log     ES6     Parser     Await     Async     Map     Realtime     Filter     Stream     Functional     Streams     Frp     Transform     EventStream     es7     Transmux     Mux     Live Data     Apache     Spark     Apex     Highland     Flink     Multithreading     Multithreaded     Threads     Merge     Livedata    

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  • With the introduction of scramjet.from and a range of static from methods on all Scramjet stream classes we introduced a simple way to create streams from different sources.
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  • A Stack Overflow answer on how to use Scramjet to create a high performance CSV parser and stream transform that uses async functions to transform the data on the fly.
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