simpleParallax v5.0.0.beta Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-21 // 10 months ago
  • 🚀 This is the first beta release of simpleParallax version 5.0.0

    Here what has changed since 5.0.0alpha

    • 🐎 optimisation has been done with the Request Animation Frame. Now if you create a new parallax instance after you already created one before, this will be added in the same animation frame to gain performance. Really useful when you want different orientations of parallax in the same page.
    • destroy method has been rework to match with Request Animation Frame rework above and only destroy the instance you referred to.
    • 🚚 no more IE11 support, polyfills have been removed. IE was never able to render the parallax effect properly anyway. If you still want to ensure compatibility to IE11, use the version 4.2.1.
    • 4 new orientations have been added - up left, up right, down left, and down right.
    • 👌 support for browsers than don't support Intersection Observer API has been provided.

    List of commits

    • 🍱 #876347 - ⚡️ every new instance of parallax won't create a new Request Animation Frame if there is already an existing one
    • 🍱 #af10cc - 🐛 fix an issue when destroy method was destroying all instances of simpleParallax - even instances that were not in the initial instance to removed
    • 🍱 #a3c190 - 💥 🔥 remove IE polyfill - no more IE11 support
    • 🍱 #cc8480 - ✨ you can now choose 4 new orientations - "up left", "up right", "down left" and "down right"
    • 🍱 #b8e1bb - ♿️ add support back for old browser that doesn't support Intersection Observer API