Stimulus v1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-01-30 // over 4 years ago

    πŸ†• NEW : Linked target properties (#61, #68)

    Define a controller's target names and Stimulus automatically creates properties for accessing them:

    export default class extends Controller {static targets = ["source"]initialize() {this.sourceTarget// Elementthis.sourceTargets// Element[]this.hasSourceTarget // boolean}}

    πŸ†• NEW : Configurable error handler (#53)

    const application = Application.start()application.handleError = (error, message, detail) =\> {console.warn(message, detail)Raven.captureException(error)}

    πŸ†• NEW : Namespaced identifiers (#65)

    If your controller file is named… its identifier will be…
    list_item_controller.js list-item
    users/list_item_controller.js users--list-item

    πŸ”„ CHANGED : Controller autoloading with webpack (#46)

    A new definitionsFromContext helper replaces the old autoload helper:

    const application = Application.start()-const context = require.context("./controllers", true, /\.js$/)-autoload(context, application)+const context = require.context("./controllers", true, /\.js$/)+application.load(definitionsFromContext(context))

    βœ‚ REMOVED : Action method event target argument (#55)

    Previously, action methods were invoked with two arguments: event, eventTarget. Now, only the event is passed:

    -greet(event, eventTarget) {- console.log(event, eventTarget)+greet(event) {+ console.log(event, }

    βœ‚ REMOVED : Controller#{add,remove}Action (#50)

    Noted for posterity since these methods were undocumented.