Tabulator v4.4.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-28 // 8 months ago
    • 🛠 fixed console error when double clicking on tree toggle elements
    • fixed regression breaking _ columnHeaders:false _ option on clipboard output
    • _ resposiveLayout:true _ and _ headerVisible:false _ now work correctly when used togeather
    • the _ star _ formatter now handles non numeric values with a value of 0 stars instead of 5 stars
    • the _ link _ formatter now correctly handles falsey label values by showing an empty cell instead of " "
    • large numbers of columns are now displayed correctly
    • 🖨 columns defined without fields are now included in print and getHtml output
    • ⚡️ tree toggle elements are now correctly preserved when row data is updated
    • clicking on the tree toggle element will no longer trigger a cell edit if the column the toggle is in is editable
    • using row selection and editable cells on the same table no longer results in focus being lost as soon as the editor is opened
    • _ redo _ and _ undo _ actions on row addition and deletion are now handled correctly with row grouping enabled
    • rows are now inserted into the correct position on the table when they are added with row grouping enabled