Tabulator v4.6.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-10 // 25 days ago
    • 🛠 Fixed regression in data trees, where editing the cell containing the controls resulted in them being removed
    • 💅 Unused legacy CSS from v3.5 has been removed from stylesheets
    • 🛠 Fixed variable scoping issue in the _buildColumnHeaderContent function
    • Column Components are now correctly passed to menu generator functions
    • The getHeaderFilterValue now correctly returns the filter value
    • Child rows in data trees are now correctly indented when lazy loaded after render
    • Using the selected option in any export function now works correctly
    • If a row is deleted when a cell it contains is being edited, that edit is now cancelled before the row is deleted
    • If a column is deleted when a cell it contains is being edited, that edit is now cancelled before the column is deleted
    • Cells with a value of an empty sting now render the correct height
    • 🛠 Fix styling regression in bootstrap 4 theme with dark mode classes
    • ⚡️ Row height is now correctly recalculated on row data update
    • Prevent text selection issues on chrome when double clicking on non editable data
    • 🛠 Fixed typo in deprecation warning
    • Movable rows dragged directly above group headers now have their group key changed to the correct value

Previous changes from v4.6.2

  • ⚡️ Updates

    • 👌 Improved sorter performance with multi-column sorts

    🛠 Fixes

    • Fixed issue with object pointer isolation when either paginationDataSent or paginationDataReceived options are used in multiple tables on the same page
    • Context menu will now load in correct position when page contents does not take up the full viewport height
    • 🛠 Fixed styling issue with modern theme when frozen columns were in use
    • The scroll bar on the options lists for the select and autocomplete editors now works correctly on Internet Explorer
    • When paginating data without the paginationSize option set on a fixed height table, the styling of the rows is taken into consideration when calculating the correct page size.
    • Navigating the table up and down through editable cells no longer causes editable rows out of view to jump to the center of the table when they gain focus
    • Virtual DOM buffer is now correctly maintained when scrolling from the top and bottom edges of the table. This will prevent visual glitches and navigation issues when vertically scrolling with arrow keys from either end of the table
    • The onRendered callback in formatters is now correctly called after an edit has been successfull or been cancelled
    • The progress editor has been improved to allow easier editing with arrow and tab keys