thorax v3.0.0-beta.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-10-16 // over 5 years ago
    • 🐎 #389 - Performance optimations (@kpdecker)
    • #390 - Deferrable render (@kpdecker)
    • 🏗 #388 - Utilize lodash for server builds (@kpdecker)
    • Avoid complex boolean chaining - 56a8b25
    • Implement basic benchmarks - 2f2fcde

    Compatibility notes:

    • setView callers can not assume that the operation has completed after the call returns unless they pass the async: false flag.
    • rendered:collection now occurs prior to the rendered event
    • append and before:rendered events can not assume that other handlers have executed prior to their own execution unless they utilize the deferred.exec API which does guarantee this case (although the existing concerns of did you register before the other guy hold and this is generally ill advised to make these assumptions in loosely linked event code).
    • 🏗 Users building with lumbar who desire the forms feature must include the thorax-form mixin
    • 🚚 The helper:$name event has been removed. Users should bind to the helper event and check the name parameter that they wish to examine.
    • _.uniqueId no longer uses global variables for tracking state. Instead callers must call _resetIdCounter when wishing to modify that behavior.
    • 👯 context no longer clones the model attributes so callers need to take care to not modify the returned value.