Tiny Slider 2 v2.8.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-11 // over 3 years ago

    ➕ Added: new options preventScrollOnTouch (#324, #162), preventActionWhenRunning (#318), lazyloadSelector (#270), controlsPosition, navPosition, autoplayPosition (#314)

    ➕ Added: displayIndex to info object #304

    ➕ Added: eventName to the callback function of the custom events #280

    ➕ Added: class "failed" to images failing to load when lazyload is on

    Imporved: stop autoplay on drag/touch #298

    🛠 Fixed: slide width in vertical sliders in some old browsers

    🛠 Fixed: an issue with customized controls

    🛠 Fixed: an issue when touch/drag start

    🛠 Fixed: getIndexMax() for fixedWidth

    🛠 Fixed: getClientWidth()

    🛠 Fixed: an touch issue in ios safari/chrome when autoWidth is on #315

    🛠 Fixed: class "loaded" is added when image fail to load #284

    🛠 Fixed: an issue in nav click event listener #316

    🛠 Fixed: an accessibility issue with nav because the using of aria-select #92

    🛠 Fixed: an edgePadding error in responsive field when its value is 0 #111

    🛠 Fixed: a gallery gutter issue

    🛠 Fixed: an issue in initTools() when use customized controls

    🛠 Fixed: the "Buttons must have discernible text" error for page buttons #308

    🛠 Fixed: lazyload on IE11 #306

    🛠 Fixed: left values of slides in gallery mode in some browsers

    🛠 Fixed: a controlsContainer issue #325