Trig.js is a super simple and lightweight way of making CSS scroll animations that react to the position of your HTML elements. You can also use Trig.js to trigger CSS animations once an element appears on screen.

Using nothing but the power of CSS, HTML and Trig.js. You can make the same effects as you see here: https://idev-games.github.io/Trig-JS/! Not just that, Trig.js is really lightweight with a filesize of less than 2kb! Trig.js is created with javascript and doesn't require any dependencies.

Trig.js is really simple and quick to work with. You can use Trig.js even if you arn't familiar with javascript.

Trig.js is the perfect solution for CSS scroll animations in any project by developers of any skill level for both light or heavy usage. Making it the perfect alternative to frameworks like scrollmagic or GSAP scrolltrigger for most of your website animation needs.

Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Scroll     Animations     JavaScript     Js     Animation     Scrolling     Css Animation    

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