Yarn 2 is out! 🎉 Do you want to give it a try? We shared some of the highlights and how to get started with it.
We all know AngularJS is outdated but apparently quite still in maintenance for legacy apps so I wrote a pretty extensive AngularJS Security Fundamentals cheatsheet and blog post with code examples on how to properly maintain secure coding practices.
If you saw it relevant to share and help devs build secure Angular applications :) 
Let's explore both the Angular and the React project security postures. This includes secure coding conventions, built-in in secure capabilities, responsible disclosure policies, and dedicated security documentation for the project.
It is a common practice to start up projects with the Angular CLI or the Create React App tool, but security vulnerabilities exist in the ecosystem modules that we add to build on top of these scaffolds.


One example is an unfixed XSS affecting
Refactoring test code is important in order to make sure you are writing maintainable tests. Your future self will thank you when you debug them!