ES6 Proxies let you assign a custom handler for fundamental operations like property lookup. gqless, a next-generation GraphQL client inspired by Relay & Apollo Client, uses this to know when properties are accessed, and convert the paths into GraphQL queries.

This tutorial shows you how to build a Movie app using GraphQL and gqless
Hasura wanted to introduce a statically typed frontend language for their GraphQL Engine console. In this blogpost, they discuss why they chose TypeScript and how they evaluated options such as PureScript, TypeScript, ReasonML, and Elm.
Learn how to integrate GraphQL APIs with your favorite frontend / mobile framework and Hasura GraphQL Engine.
This course is a concise and powerful introduction to GraphQL for React developers.

It's structured to cover fundamental concepts of both GraphQL and using GraphQL in React, in the shortest amount of time possible. The course is light on opinions so that once you grok the fundamentals you can go on to choose your favourite tools and tailor your workflow.