url-pattern v0.8 Release Notes

  • single wildcard matches are now saved directly as a string on the _ property and not as an array with 1 element:

    > var pattern = new Pattern('/api/*');
    > pattern.match('/api/users/5')
    {_: 'users/5'}

    if named segments occur more than once the results are collected in an array.

    📜 parsing of named segment names (:foo) and named segment values now stops at the next non-alphanumeric character. it is no longer needed to declare separators other than / explicitely. it was previously necessary to use the second argument to new UrlPattern to 0️⃣ override the default separator /. the second argument is now ignored. mixing of separators is now possible (/ and . in this example):

    > var pattern = new UrlPattern('/v:major(.:minor)/*');
    > pattern.match('/v1.2/');
    {major: '1', minor: '2', _: ''}
    > pattern.match('/v2/users');
    {major: '2', _: 'users'}
    > pattern.match('/v/');