This is the library that composes the core of the Climbing Mount Improbable website. The aim is to provide modern tools to build Blind Watchmaker-style applications using Richard Dawkins' original algorithms.

The code is ported from Think Pascal 4.0, using the cleaned up source provided by Alan Canon. Alan has produced high fidelity versions made for desktop use and ported the code to a more modern version of Pascal. You can get hold of his code on SourceForge.

The original sources (and compiler) used are included in this repository for comparison. A quick way to get into the code is to look for the Biomorph file (for both Monochrome and Snails). In there you'll find the Develop routine which generates all the lines, DrawPic/DrawLine which uses QuickDraw to draw the lines on screen and Reproduce which generates a possibly mutated offspring.

In the JavaScript version, Develop is called generate and Reproduce is called breed. The drawing part of the code currently works with HTML5 Canvas only and also works with node-canvas for server-side apps. Because of HTML5 limitations and performance, the drawing methods aren't currently unified.

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Programming language: OpenEdge ABL
License: MIT License
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