This library is a webdriver (browser automation) module for Node.JS. It makes it possible to write super easy Selenium tests in your favorite BDD/TDD test framework, that will run locally or in the cloud using Sauce Labs, BrowserStack or TestingBot.

WebdriverIO is agnostic with regards to the test framework you want to use. Cucumber, Jasmine and Mocha+Chai are supported by the configuration wizard, and you can use other frameworks as well - for example Yadda.

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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Frameworks     Testing Frameworks     Runner     JavaScript     Phantomjs     TDD     BDD     Test     Mocha     Selenium     Chai     Jasmine     Webdriver     Assert     testingbot     cucumber     vows     buster     nodeUnit     labs     sauce     saucelabs     appium     webdriverio    

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