12 File Uploader libraries and projects

  • jQuery-File-Upload

    9.8 7.7 L4 JavaScript
    File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery.
  • Uppy

    9.2 9.6 JavaScript
    The next open source file uploader for web browsers 🐶
  • Sortable  

    9.2 7.1 JavaScript
    Sortable — is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery required. Supports Meteor, AngularJS, React, Polymer, Vue, Ember, Knockout and any CSS library, e.g. Bootstrap.
  • dropzone

    9.0 1.4 L4 JavaScript
    Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.
  • fine-uploader

    8.0 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, drag-and-drop, direct-to-S3 uploading.
  • filepond

    7.4 8.3 JavaScript
    A JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.
  • plupload

    7.1 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    A JavaScript API for dealing with file uploads it supports features like multiple file selection, file type filtering, request chunking, client side image scaling and it uses different runtimes to achieve this such as HTML 5, Silverlight and Flash.
  • FileAPI

    5.6 2.8 L1 JavaScript
    A set of javascript tools for working with files. Multiupload, drag'n'drop and chunked file upload. Images: crop, resize and auto orientation by EXIF.
  • flow.js

    4.9 5.2 L3 JavaScript
    A JavaScript library providing multiple simultaneous, stable, fault-tolerant and resumable/restartable file uploads via the HTML5 File API.
  • jQuery Sortable

    4.2 0.0 HTML
    A flexible, opinionated sorting plugin for jQuery
  • HTML5Sortable

    3.9 4.0 TypeScript
    VanillaJS sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API.
  • HTML5 AJAX File Uploader

    1.9 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    JavaScript library that manages file uploads using html5 drag and drop and file API's.

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