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WebAssembly is now enabled by default in Chrome

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Simple library (less then 2kb) used to format date with *** time ago statement.
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PencilBlue vs KeystoneJS

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  • PencilBlue - CMS and blogging platform
  • KeystoneJS - powerful CMS and web app framework


In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery
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BuckleScript: write JS faster, safer and smaller

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Run trained Keras models in the browser, with GPU support
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RxJs vs Most.js

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  • RxJs - The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript.
  • Most.js - high performance FRP library.

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Fast front-end web app build tool with simple declarative config.
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React Intl vs i18next

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  • React Intl - Internationalize React apps. This library provides React components and an API to format dates, numbers, and strings, including pluralization and handling translations.
  • i18next - internationalisation (i18n) with javascript the easy way.

RethinkDB: why we failed

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  • Node.js's npm Is Now The Largest Package Registry in the World
  • Firebase: the great, the meh, and the ugly
  • 2016 JavaScript Rising Stars
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A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for cleaner code
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hopscotch vs intro.js

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  • hopscotch - A framework to make it easy for developers to add product tours to their pages.
  • intro.js - A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website and project.

Adventures with NPM — Transitioning to Yarn

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Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework
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2016 JavaScript Rising Stars

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The JavaScript Rich Text editor.
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pace vs nanobar

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  • pace - Automatically add a progress bar to your site.
  • nanobar - Very lightweight progress bars. No jQuery.


Next-generation DOM manipulation.
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Clusterize.js vs iscroll

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  • Clusterize.js - Tiny vanilla JS plugin to display large data sets easily.
  • iscroll - iScroll is a high performance, small footprint, dependency free, multi-platform javascript scroller.

🎉 webpack 2.2: The Final Release 🎉

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Reaction Commerce

reactive CMS, real-time architecture and design
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fine-uploader vs dropzone

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  • fine-uploader - Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, drag-and-drop, direct-to-S3 uploading.
  • dropzone - Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.