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Open MCT

A web based mission control framework.
Featured Library // Category Misc

velocity vs anime.js

Popular comparison
  • velocity - Accelerated JavaScript animation.
  • anime.js - Javascript Animation Engine

David Khourshid - Infinitely Better UIs with Finite Automata

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Framework for developing 3D web apps with physics.
Featured Library // Category Game Development

Awesome JavaScript Newsletter » 75

Top Stories
  • Mozilla brings Microsoft, Google, the W3C, Samsung together to create cross-browser documentation on MDN – The Mozilla Blog
  • Writing flat code
  • The math behind SVG path only gooey effect
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anime.js vs GreenSock-JS

Popular comparison
  • anime.js - Javascript Animation Engine
  • GreenSock-JS - High-performance HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers.

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A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.
Featured Library // Category Runner

Writing flat code

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c3 vs Chart.js

Popular comparison
  • c3 - D3-based reusable chart library.
  • Chart.js - Simple HTML5 Charts using the tag.


The HTML5 video player for the web
Featured Library // Category Video/Audio

The math behind SVG path only gooey effect

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Apostrophe vs KeystoneJS

Popular comparison
  • Apostrophe - CMS with content editing and essential services
  • KeystoneJS - powerful CMS and web app framework

Building screen capture in Google Chrome

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JSCover is a tool that measures code coverage for JavaScript programs.
Featured Library // Category Coverage

End-to-end Tests that Don’t Suck with Puppeteer

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Polymer vs Vue.js

Popular comparison
  • Polymer - Build modern apps using web components
  • Vue.js - Intuitive, fast & composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.


A fast, lightweight, HTML-based templating engine for Node.js and the browser with async, streaming, custom tags and CommonJS modules as compiled output.
Featured Library // Category Templating Engines


A web-based tool to view, edit and format JSON.
Featured Library // Category Editors

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 62)

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Open Source WebGL virtual globe and map engine.
Featured Library // Category Maps

WebdriverIO vs Protractor

Popular comparison
  • WebdriverIO - Webdriver/Selenium 2.0 JavaScript bindings for Node.js
  • Protractor - Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications.

Highlight.js vs PrismJS

Popular comparison
  • Highlight.js - Javascript syntax highlighter.
  • PrismJS - Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting.


Streamable data synchronization utility.
Featured Library // Category Functional Programming

Awesome JavaScript Newsletter » 74

Top Stories
  • Eloquent Javascript 3rd Edition
  • Visual Studio Code Update - new logo and many improvements
  • Arrow Functions in JavaScript
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Announcing TypeScript 2.6 RC

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dropzone vs jQuery-File-Upload

Popular comparison
  • dropzone - Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.
  • jQuery-File-Upload - File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery.