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🌿 NodeJS PHP Parser - extract AST or tokens (PHP5 and PHP7)
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Most.js vs RxJs

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  • Most.js - high performance FRP library.
  • RxJs - The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript.

Puppeteer Snippets for VS Code

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A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for cleaner code
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fine-uploader vs dropzone

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  • fine-uploader - Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, drag-and-drop, direct-to-S3 uploading.
  • dropzone - Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.


Simultaneous multitouch gestures for JavaScript.
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  • NSFW JS - Detect Clientside Images
  • Visual Studio Code Settings and Extensions for Faster JavaScript Development
  • The convergence of TSLint and ESLint
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Automated browser testing for the modern web development stack.
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JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome

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video.js vs Plyr

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  • video.js - Video.js
  • Plyr - A simple HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo player

The Easiest Way to Get an E-Commerce Site Running in Umbraco

When it comes to Umbraco-based e-commerce solution, Merch by uSkinned is a no brainer. Read about how they came up with this superb shop theme & how to set it up in minutes!
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Good working example of Vue/React lifecycles

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Build your own radio streaming app with Howler.js

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A cool way to use natural language in javascript
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NSFW JS - Detect Clientside Images

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select2 vs selectize.js

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  • select2 - a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.
  • selectize.js - Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and <select> box. It's jQuery based and it has autocomplete and native-feeling keyboard navigation; useful for tagging, contact lists, etc.

Bootstrap 5 expected to completely replace jQuery

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The JavaScript Rich Text editor.
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The convergence of TSLint and ESLint

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Using Auth0 Rules with a React App

Learn how to integrate React and Auth0 Rules to enrich the profile of your users.
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14 Popular JavaScript Libraries for Data Visualization in 2019

Data vizualization is as important to a JS developer as making interactive web pages. Sometimes it might be hard to choose from multiple libraries for creating beautiful charts for the Web. To make things easier, we listed 14 best Javascript libraries for data vizualization.
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Konva.js is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.
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Beautiful parallax 2019 edition

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fancyBox vs Magnific-Popup

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  • fancyBox - A tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on your webpages.
  • Magnific-Popup - Light and responsive lightbox script with focus on performance.

You probably don’t need a single-page application

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two.js vs paper.js

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  • two.js - A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.
  • paper.js - The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting


A JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.
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An alternative approach to switch statements in Javascript

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Swiper vs Owl Carousel 2

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  • Swiper - Mobile touch slider and framework with hardware accelerated transitions.
  • Owl Carousel 2 - jQuery Responsive Carousel.