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Smart rule-based bot. For Browser & Node.
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Making "Bellwoods" — a 13 kilobyte art game

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jTable vs DataTables

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  • jTable - A jQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables.
  • DataTables - (jQuery plug-in) It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.

Building a React-esque component using vanilla javascript

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HTML/JS based tool for creating, testing, and learning about Regular Expressions.
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A library optimized for concise, principled data graphics and layouts.
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The danger of target=_blank and opener

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Webpack 4 Tutorial With Example From Scratch

Webpack 4 Tutorial With Example From Scratch is today’s topic. At its core, webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes your application, it recursively builds a dependency graph that includes every module your application needs, then packages all of those modules into one or more bundles. I have try my best to understand webpack 4 tutorial as easy as possible.
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A lightweight, highly customizable range slider without bloat.
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The Rise of Immer as Immutability library in React

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  • ag-Grid - Advanced Data Grid / Data Table supporting Javascript / React / AngularJS / Web Components
  • HANDSONTABLE - Handsontable is a JavaScript/HTML5 Spreadsheet Library for Developers

Web Reading Mode: The non-standard rendering mode

Four-part series exploring how Reader Mode works as a separate non-standard rendering mode.
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ace vs Monaco Editor

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  • ace - Ace ( Cloud9 Editor).
  • Monaco Editor - A browser based code editor

Client-side vs Server-side vs Pre-rendering for Web Apps

Slow sites mean poor UX. Heavy front ends don't help, but SSR and pre-rendering are good alternatives. Which strategy is right for your app?
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Turn your ES5 code into readable ES6 (sugar-syntax). It does the opposite of what Babel does.
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  • Google has a monopoly on search rankings. Now they're trying to monopolize websites with AMP.
  • I made a simple mouse-based parallax effect with vanilla javascript
  • A game that pits your sanity against the logic behind JavaScript's == operator
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jsPDF vs pdfmake

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  • jsPDF - JavaScript PDF generation.
  • pdfmake - Client/server side PDF printing in pure JavaScript

Create a Custom Vue.js Plugin in < 1 Hour [Code Included]

Vue.js plugins are essential for developers working with this JS framework. This post explains what they are, and how to craft a production-ready Vue plugin in < 1 hour.
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Vue.js vs knockout

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  • Vue.js - Intuitive, fast & composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.
  • knockout - Knockout makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript.


Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting.
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Creating Vue.js Client Side – Components Props and Events

We are going to make an additional component and then show how communication between parent-child components works.
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three.js vs p5.js

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  • three.js - JavaScript 3D library.
  • p5.js - p5.js is a JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.

11 Javascript Data Visualization Libraries for 2018

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Froala Editor

A beautifully designed WYSIWYG HTML Editor based on HTML5.
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Add 2FA to a Nuxt application using Server Side Middleware & Nexmo Verify

In this tutorial we’re going to built a basic application with two-factor authentication using the Nuxt JS framework. The app contains a secured section that takes advantage of Server Side Middleware to expose a simple Express API to interact with the Nexmo Node SDK.
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emotion vs styled-components

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  • emotion - ⚡️ The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS
  • styled-components - Visual primitives for the component age 💅

How to Design for the Modern Web

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