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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

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  • Is 0kb of JavaScript in your Future?
  • Can you beat other players using JavaScript in this Bomberman-like programming challenge?
  • Visual Studio Code April 2021
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Guide your users through a tour of your app
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Visual Studio Code April 2021

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🍉 Reactive & asynchronous database for powerful React and React Native apps ⚡️
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Announcing Rome Tools Inc, an open source first company

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The best JavaScript Data Table for building Enterprise Applications. Supports React / Angular / Vue / Plain JavaScript.
Featured Library // Category Spreadsheet

Is 0kb of JavaScript in your Future?

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Build a SaaS Platform with Next.js, Auth0, Prisma and Stripe

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A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.
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Spotlight.js v0.7.0 has finally arrived!

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vee-validate v4.3.5

A new version of vee-validate has been released
New Version


DOMPurify - a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG. DOMPurify works with a secure default, but offers a lot of configurability and hooks. Demo:
Featured Library // Category Security

Babel (Formerly 6to5) v7.14.0

A new version of Babel (Formerly 6to5) has been released
New Version


The most powerful headless CMS for Node.js — built with GraphQL and React
Featured Library // Category Node-Powered CMS Frameworks

React PDF viewer

A React component to view a PDF document
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manifetch: A manifest-based fetch() API client builder.

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Awesome JavaScript Weekly » 258

Top Stories
  • TIL you can name regex capture groups, e.g.: 'John Doe'.match(/^(?<first>\w+)\s+(?<last>\w+)/).groups => {first: "John", last: "Doe"}
  • Tunnel Run game in ~170 lines of pure JS
  • Noise in Creative Coding—using canvas and WebGL
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surveyjs v1.8.45

A new version of surveyjs has been released
New Version

A JavaScript optimizing compiler

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Scaling out JavaScript Monorepos with Yarn Workspaces

Monorepos are coming into mainstream, and JavaScript is one of the reasons.

Learn how to leverage Semaphore’s #monorepo innovations.
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Create interactive guided product tours in minutes with the most non-technical friendly, lightweight and extendable library.
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jsoneditor v9.4.1

A new version of jsoneditor has been released
New Version

Implementing Redux from Scratch

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CSS Layout

A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with CSS. Now it has 90+ patterns and continues growing!
Featured Library // Category PostCSS