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The open-source backend cloud platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. You can set up your backend faster with real-time APIs for authentication, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and much more!


The web-based visual programming editor.
Featured Library // Category derby

Best Practices for Securing Node.js Applications in Production

This article discusses the increasing importance of securing Node.js due to rising online attacks, offering 15 best practices.
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Bun hype. How we learned nothing from Yarn

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:guide_dog: Powerful lowcode|vue form editor,generator,designer,builder library. It provides an easy way to create custom forms. The project is extensible, easy to use and configure, and provides many commonly used form components and functions(vue可视化低代码表单设计器、表单编辑器、element-plus vant表单设计)
Featured Library // Category Editors

A beginner's guide to retrying failed requests with Axios Retry

In the ever-evolving world of web development, handling HTTP requests is a fundamental task. Whether you're building a frontend application or a backend service, you'll likely find yourself dealing with APIs and remote servers. In this beginner’s guide, you will explore how to tackle this issue by using Axios Retry, an essential plugin that can save you time and frustration. Let's get started!
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:fire: An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
Featured Library // Category MVC Frameworks and Libraries

Bringing Modern JavaScript (Deno) to the Jupyter Notebook

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Make React Faster. Automatically.
Featured Library // Category derby


A visualization grammar.
Featured Library // Category d3

TypeScript Origins: The Documentary

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Linked Data API for JavaScript
Featured Library // Category NodeJS

Awesome JavaScript Weekly » 383

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  • Side effecting a deopt in JavaScript
  • Rethinking 'rethinking reactivity'
  • ChatGPT-based parental control browser extension
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Apollo and GraphQL for Vue.js

🚀 Apollo/GraphQL integration for VueJS
Featured Library // Category API

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Swagger Client

Javascript library to connect to swagger-enabled APIs via browser or nodejs
Featured Library // Category API

Side effecting a deopt in JavaScript

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The API and real-time application framework
Featured Library // Category derby


The library which provides useful monads, interfaces, and lazy iterators.
Synced from the Github list // Category Functional Programming


🌍 📖 A readable, automated, and optimized (3 kb) internationalization for JavaScript
Featured Library // Category I18n And L10n


⏱ A library for working with dates and times in JS
Featured Library // Category Date

Vue Storefront

The open-source frontend for any eCommerce. Built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack. We have custom integrations with Magento, commercetools, Shopware and Shopify and total coverage is just a matter of time. The API approach also allows you to merge VSF with any third-party tool like CMS, payment gateways or analytics. Newest updates: Always Open Source, MIT license.
Featured Library // Category Faster Web


Full-featured Node.js framework, with no complexity. 🚀 Simple and easy to use, TypeScript-based and well-documented.
Featured Library // Category derby

Awesome JavaScript Weekly » 382

Top Stories
  • Nue: A React/Vue/Vite/Astro alternative
  • Bun 1.0 | Bun Blog
  • Kiesel Devlog #1: Now passing 25% of test262
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AI for Web Devs: Project Introduction & Setup

In this blog post, we start bootstrapping a web development project using Qwik and get things ready to incorporate AI tooling from OpenAI.
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Relocate resource intensive third-party scripts off of the main thread and into a web worker. 🎉
Featured Library // Category Web Worker

Nue: A React/Vue/Vite/Astro alternative

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Browserstack vs Sauce Labs

This article provides a detailed comparison between two popular cloud-based device testing tools, Browserstack and SauceLabs, outlining their features, benefits, and pricing structures to aid readers in selecting the appropriate tool for their needs; it also introduces an alternative tool called Meticulous.
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