Sigma is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing, mainly developed by @jacomyal and @Yomguithereal.

Code Quality Rank: L2
Monthly Downloads: 0
Programming language: TypeScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Data Visualization     D3     SVG     Webgl     Graph     Canvas     Graphology     Renderer    
Latest version: v2.0.0

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Sigma v2

Sigma is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing, mainly developed by @jacomyal and @Yomguithereal.


sigmajs.org website provides a global overview of sigma.js v1.

As of version v2, sigma focuses on the management of graph display: layout, rendering, interaction... The graph model is managed in a separate library called graphology, which is packed with convenience methods to manage graph data structures.

A set of demo examples contain various use-cases that might help you understand how to use sigma v2 (read further below).


Sigma.js v2 is a major refactoring and is currently in version alpha. The stable version is v1.2.x. Although not yet finalized and official, v2 is already in use in production in some organizations.


You can install sigma (and graphology which is required for sigma to work) in your JavaScript or TypeScript project using npm:

npm install graphology sigma


The [examples](./examples) folder contains a series of self-contained TypeScript projects that you can either browse and edit on CodeSandbox or install locally likewise:

git clone [email protected]:jacomyal/sigma.js.git
cd sigma.js
npm install
cd examples
npm start --example=load-gexf-file # Change this to the desired example

List of available examples


You can contribute by submitting issues tickets and proposing pull requests. Make sure that tests and linting pass before submitting any pull request.

You can also browse the related documentation [here](./CONTRIBUTING.md).