21 Misc libraries and projects

  • Open MCT

    8.2 9.5 L5 JavaScript
    A web based mission control framework.
  • picturefill

    8.0 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. A responsive image polyfill for <picture>, srcset, sizes, and more
  • With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.
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  • list.js

    7.9 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    The perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. Built to be invisible and work on existing HTML.
  • InversifyJS

    7.8 5.9 TypeScript
    A powerful and lightweight inversion of control container for JavaScript & Node.js apps powered by TypeScript.
  • nlp_compromise

    7.8 9.2 L3 JavaScript
    modest natural-language processing
  • Autotrack

    6.3 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    Automatic and enhanced Google Analytics tracking for common user interactions on the web.
  • mixitup

    6.3 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    A high-performance, dependency-free library for animated filtering, sorting, insertion, removal and more
  • surveyjs

    6.0 9.9 JavaScript
    Free Open-Source JavaScript form builder library with integration for React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, and Knockout that lets you load and run multiple web forms, or build your own self-hosted form management system, retaining all sensitive data on your servers. You have total freedom of choice as to the backend, because any server + database combination is fully compatible.
  • echo

    5.8 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    Lazy-loading images with data-* attributes
  • jquery-match-height

    5.8 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    a responsive equal heights plugin
  • grid

    5.7 1.7 L5 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. Drag and drop library for two-dimensional, resizable and responsive lists
  • platform.js

    5.5 0.0 L1 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. A platform detection library.
  • ouibounce

    4.9 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    Increase your landing page conversion rates.
  • json3

    3.5 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. A modern JSON implementation compatible with nearly all JavaScript platforms.
  • Expounder

    2.6 0.0 JavaScript
    A library for explaining things in HTML.
  • BitSet.js

    1.9 3.2 L4 JavaScript
    An arbitrary size Bit-Vector implementation in JavaScript
  • Selectable

    1.7 7.2 JavaScript
    Touch enabled selectable plugin inspired by the jQuery UI widget.
  • jquery.vibrate.js

    1.7 0.0 HTML
    :heavy_dollar_sign: Vibration API Wrappers
  • Ditox.js

    1.3 3.9 TypeScript
    Dependency injection for modular web applications
  • Logical Or Not

    0.7 1.9 L5 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. A game about JavaScript specificities.
  • Dandy UI

    0.1 0.0 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. Minimalistic UI (boxes, colored text, menu and some more) for Node.js

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