Special thanks to cdnjs and jsDelivr for hosting CDN copies of JSON 3.

JSON 3 exposes two functions: stringify() for serializing a JavaScript value to JSON, and parse() for producing a JavaScript value from a JSON source string. It is a drop-in replacement for JSON 2. The functions behave exactly as described in the ECMAScript spec, except for the date serialization discrepancy noted below.

The JSON 3 parser does not use eval or regular expressions. This provides security and performance benefits in obsolete and mobile environments, where the margin is particularly significant. The complete benchmark suite is available on jsPerf.

The project is hosted on GitHub, along with the unit tests. It is part of the BestieJS family, a collection of best-in-class JavaScript libraries that promote cross-platform support, specification precedents, unit testing, and plenty of documentation.

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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Misc     Parser     ES5     Stringify     Spec     Lexer     Ecma     JSON    

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