fabric.js v4.0.0-beta.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-16 // 4 days ago
  • feat(controls): Added controls mouseUpHandler and mouseDownHandler #6158
    🗄 Removal of deprecated methods / patterns. #6111

    • ✂ removed Object.setShadow, and BaseBrush.setShadow. change rect.setShadow(options) to rect.set('shadow', new fabric.Shadow(options))
    • ✂ removed Object.transformMatrix.
    • ✂ removed object:selected event. use selection:created. In the callback you will still find target in the options, but also you will find selected with all the objects selected during that single event.
    • ✂ removed Gradient.forObject. No alternative available.
    • ✂ removed Object and canvas clipTo. Use Object.clipPath;
    • ✂ removed Canvas.loadFromDatalessJSON, it was just an alias for loadFromJSON
    • ✂ removed observe, stopObserving, trigger from observable. Keep using on, off, fire.
    • ✂ removed the Object.set ability to take a function as a value. Was rather strange to use.
    • ✂ removed Object.setGradient. Change rect.setGradient(options) with rect.set('fill', new fabric.Gradient(otherOptions)). The options format is slightly different, but keeping 2 formats does not really make sense.
    • ✂ removed Object.setPatternFill. Change rect.setPatternFill(options) to rect.set('fill', new fabric.Pattern(options));
    • ✂ removed Object.setColor. Change rect.setColor(color) to rect.set('fill', color)
    • ✂ removed fabric.util.customTransformMatrix. Use the replacement fabric.util.composeMatrix

Previous changes from v4.0.0-beta.6

  • 🛠 fix(fabric.IText): exitEditing won't error on missing hiddenTextarea. #6138