fine-uploader v5.16.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-04-10 // over 3 years ago
  • Symptom: error with message of Cannot set property 'loaded' of undefined inside of the send method of upload.handler.controller.js.

    🛠 Fixed in aef42d0.

Previous changes from v5.16.0

  • 🚀 This is the biggest release in a long time, closing out a ton of long-standing cases, and making it much easier for developers to integrate Fine Uploader into their own servers. This was developed and tested over the course of 4+ months on a large closed-source project.

    From the commit message notes, the following is included here:

    ✅ Local dev/testing ports 3000/3001 clash with my local env, and possibly others - moving to 4000/4001.

    returned onUploadChunk promise can override method, params, headers, & url

    promissory onUpload callback

    ✅ always ensure test server are killed either on test start or stop

    👷 don't try to kill test server on CI before tests start

    option to allow upload responses without { "success": true }

    👍 allow default params to be omitted from upload requests

    don't fail upload w/ non-JSON response when requireSuccessJson = false

    👍 more flexible chunking.success request support

    ➕ add .editorconfig (can't believe this didn't exist until now)

    👍 Allow custom resume keys and data to be specified.

    include customResumeData in return value of getResumableFilesData API method

    ➕ add isResumable public API method

    introduce chunking.success.resetOnStatus to allow FU to reset a file based on chunking.success response code

    🆕 new API method: isResumable(id)

    👍 Allow onUpload resolved Promise to pause the file.
    👀 Use case: When onUpload is called, you make a request to your server to see if the file already exists. If it does, you want to let your user decide if they want to overwrite the file, or cancel the upload entirely. While waiting for user input you don't want to hold a spot in the upload queue. If the user decided to overwrite the file, call the continueUpload API method.

    👍 Allow per-file chunk sizes to be specified.
    chunking.partSize now accepts a function, which passes the file ID and size

    feat(beforeUnload): new option to turn off beforeUnload alert during uploads

    👍 feat(features.js): auto-detect folder support

    👍 Allow access to Blob when file status is still SUBMITTING

    📄 docs: options, API, and events doc updates

    ➕ added qq.status.UPLOAD_FINALIZING - don't cancel or pause in this state

    closes #848
    closes #1697
    closes #1755
    closes #1325
    closes #1647
    closes #1703