Simple yet flexible pagination in JavaScript. Checkout javascript-paginator site or github repo for more information.

Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: UI     JavaScript     Css     Js     Ecmascript     Pagination     Paginator    

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JavaScript Paginator

Simple yet flexible pagination in JavaScript

Checkout javascript-paginator site or github repo for more information.

Code Example

Full usage with all settings

function yourCallback(args = {}) {
  paginator.currentPage = args.page;
  return args;

var options = {
  callback: yourCallback,
  totalItems: 100,
  itemsPerPage: 10,
  currentPage: 1,
  options: {
    outerPagesCount: 2,
    innerPagesCount: 2
  labels: {
    currentPage:  "*",
    previousPage: "prev",
    nextPage:     "next",
    firstPage:    "first",
    lastPage:     "last",
    gapPage:      " "
  features: {
    autoHide: false,
    hideGaps: false,
    hideAdjacent: false,
    hideDisabled: false,
    hidePages: false
var paginator = new Paginator(options);


Name Type State Description
totalItems Integer Required The total number of items.
currentPage Integer Required The current page. Default: 1
callback Function Required Return call with parameters.
itemsPerPage Integer Optional Adjust the number of items shown per page. Default: 10
options.outerPagesCount Integer Optional How many pages to show next to edges. Default: 1
options.innerPagesCount Integer Optional How many pages to show around the current page. Default: 1
labels.currentPage String Optional Label for the current button. Default: Integer
labels.previousPage String Optional Label for the previous button. Default:
labels.nextPage String Optional Label for the next button. Default:
labels.firstPage String Optional Label for the first button. Default: 1
labels.lastPage String Optional Label for the last button. Defaults to total page count.
labels.gapPage String Optional Label for the gap spacing. Default: ...
features.autoHide Boolean Optional Hide pagination if only one page is present.
features.hideGaps Boolean Optional Hide the gaps between outer and inner pages.
features.hideAdjacent Boolean Optional Hide next or previous page.
features.hideDisabled Boolean Optional Hide pages that aren't clickable. (next and previous)
features.hidePages Boolean Optional Hide all pages except next and previous




  • Heavy use of states on every page generation to enable very flexible css targeting
  • The pagination shouldn't really understand your data (objects)
  • It should be able to generate viable pagination just with basic data
  • It should be highly customizable and extendable with features
  • It should work for SPA and non-SPA
  • Code should be KISS compliant so that it is extendable by other people easily
  • Should follow ECMA standards but provide backward compatibility
  • Should try to mildly force developers into using better standards


  • Remove all pages but previous and next (feature hidePages implemented)
  • Provide many styles of pagination (CSS) /in progress/
  • Be able to pass in order for previous and next (planned)
  • Feature - rotate from the beginning when you reach the end (undecided)
  • Refactor. Split into multiple classes. /some progress/
  • Provide code examples and explanations of how to get the project.