jquery-validation v1.11.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-03-22 // over 9 years ago
    • Revert to also converting parameters of range method to numbers. Closes gh-702
    • Replace most usage of PHP with mockjax handlers. Do some demo cleanup as well, update to newer masked-input plugin. Keep captcha demo in PHP. Fixes #662
    • Remove inline code highlighting from milk demo. View source works fine.
    • Fix dynamic-totals demo by trimming whitespace from template content before passing to jQuery constructor
    • Fix min/max validation. Closes gh-666. Fixes #648
    • Fixed 'messages' coming up as a rule and causing an exception after being updated through rules("add"). Closes gh-670, fixes #624
    • Add Korean (ko) localization. Closes gh-671
    • Improved the UK postcode method to filter out more invalid postcodes. Closes #682
    • Update messages_sv.js. Closes #683
    • Change grunt link to the project website. Closes #684
    • Move remote method down the list to run last, after all other methods applied to a field. Fixes #679
    • Update plugin.json description, should include the word 'validate'
    • Fix typos
    • Fix jQuery loader to use path of itself. Fixes nested demos.
    • Update grunt-contrib-qunit to make use of PhantomJS 1.8, when installed through node module 'phantomjs'
    • Make valid() return a boolean instead of 0 or 1. Fixes #109 - valid() does not return boolean value