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  • v1.5.3

    December 27, 2018
  • v1.5.2

    December 20, 2018
  • v1.5.1

    December 20, 2018
  • v1.5.0

    December 20, 2018

    The important stuff:

    • there are now 4 javascript files distributed, the classic two: jspdf.debug.js and jspdf.min.js. New are jspdf.node.debug.js and jspdf.node.js. The node version has no included node modules. Despite this, jspdf.debug.js has as before not included html2canvas.
    • 👍 TTFFonts should now be better supported
    • ♻️ putStream is now refactored. Because some people use putStream in internal functions-set for their plugins, despite it is not an API, please be careful
    • API.internal.pageSize.width and .height are again working.
    • we have now a new html-method, depending on html2canvas and our context2d-module
    • 👀 fromHTML and addHTML are not supported anymore. See below
    • 📚 Documentation is now up to date (as far as possible)
    • compression now works

    👍 We will not support any longer fromHTML and addHTML.

    🔌 You are free to submit PRs, but we will not invest more time in these two plugins. We have now a new .html method, based on html2canvas and our canvas2d plugin - based on the html2pdf-Plugin by @eKoopmans . This plugin will be maintained in the future. This should lead to more reliable results for your projects. And it will give us the time to focus on the core functionality of pdf-generation because we will not use our energy for writing/supporting/extending 2 html plugins. If you still want to use addHTML or fromHTML as they are still in jspdf. But if some changes break those plugins, you can still use jsPDF 1.4.1, which has a stable version for both plugins.

    🔄 ChangeLog:

    • 3ce138f minor changes in acroform.js to work properly with polyfills
    • 🖨 33a3089 Fix AcroForm Print Bug
    • a483c9b setFont(): warn if font is not found
    • c0fa3ce add a font converter
    • 👍 bcf14ed fix for #1876 Uint8Array AddImage Support
    • 0️⃣ 88f7d07 set default DV in acroform.js to null
    • 🏗 48ca33c restructure build files
    • 🚚 b6b175a modify jsPDF to handle latest html2canvas version, remove html2canvas and Stackblur from project and make it an external dependency
    • 🔌 2af8438 modify context2d-plugin to work like a real 2d-context
    • ♻️ 511afdd 4bd7d5c refactor context2d-plugin
    • 🗄 87fd3f2 deprecate fromHTML and addHTML, add html-plugin, which is based on html2canvas and solution of @eKoopmans
    • 🛠 1449e14 Bugfix/dataurl validation addimage
    • f6f5c36 putTotalPages works now with customfonts
    • 🛠 1449e14 bugfix dataurl validation in addimage
    • 📚 f251457 small changes in cell.js, add more documentation
    • 📚 970b03d Restructure doc generation and add more documentation
    • ♻️ 1019eca major refactoring of jspdf.js, add alot of unit testing
    • c53beb6 Font Dictionary now has toUnicode entry to be able to copy paste out from pdf viewer, thanks to @zhangchen0514
    • 🛠 5c489f1 bugfix in addimage.js generateAliasFromData had problem with ArrayBuffers
    • ade1227 FlateEncode, ASCIIHexencode and compression is not working
    • 0890ad5 Fix TTF Fonts Not Working when indexToLocFormat is 0, thanks to @briandevet
    • 🐎 d8b698c Modify addimage.js so that the validations are done when conversions throw errors (increases performance)
    • ccb4519 acroform-methods sometimes overwrite existing javascript functions like Button() in sharepoint, if one of those methods are in the global scope, jsPDF wont overwrite the those methods anymore and will show a warning in console.log.
    • 1ea40e4 added a bidiEngine to jsPDF. now there is no necessity for an lang: 'ar' flag in .text-method, it will be solved automatically
    • ♻️ 42e0564 completely refactored acroform.js (again). now acroform classes have better attributess and methods. it is now documented too.
    • ♻️ cd4b710 annotations.js got refactored, now acroform-elements and annotations can be used at the same time
    • 8f33f4b new folder structure. put sourceode into src-folder. Thus should result into less confusion, because before people were sometimes using jspdf.js and complained about non-working methods, but it was because they should have used dist/jspdf.debug.js or min.js
      and some minor stuff, which we forgot to mention
    • d66d52b Add UserUnit option and limit pages to 14400x14400 UserUnits according to PDF Reference
    • b1704fa fix invalid typecheck in acroform.js for attribute maxLength, thx to @samlanning
    • 59ca71d add baseline option to API.text
    • 💻 be04de1 addimage.js now loads png-images directly and doesnt process them through canvas, Image-Elements of Browser-DOM now load directly the files
    • d3e1dba pages can have now artBox, bleedBox, cropBox, trimBox - values, internal processing of mediaBox is changed, still needs proper API methods
    • 📚 65bba3c Correct the documentation in jspdf.js, thx to @silvioprog
    • 🏗 45dbf21 improve version handling while building the distribution, thx to @bwl21
    • 68b41fb add miterLimit functionality to pdf and context2d
  • v1.4.1

    June 06, 2018

    🛠 Thanks to @arasabbasi and @dasaCoder. We've got another bugfix release:

    • 🛠 Base64-validation of images fixed (ea4c174 )
    • Internal use of different css-colornames methods reduced to one (e43a913, 5d0b760)
    • ⚡️ Update canvg to recent version (e43a913)
    • ⚡️ Update context2d so that it can handle properly transform-method (e43a913)
    • ➕ Add methods to TextField and other Elements like var TextField = new jsPDF.API.AcroForm.TextField() or var TextField = new doc.AcroFormTextField(); in AcroForm.js
    • 🚑 Hotfix html2canvas so that whitespace doesnt result in to corrupted PDF (31bb2fd)
    • ✂ Remove nodeJS-Loading-Method from addImage( Commit 7a1089a)
    • ➕ Added gif- and bmp-support (38b50f4)
    • 🛠 Fixed a performance-leak in extractInfoFromBase64DataURI in addImage-Plugin (c0a5e3a)
    • ➕ Add fallback filetype to filetype recognition in getImageFileTypeByImageData in addImage.js (3d32fb7)
    • ➕ Add documentation to addImage.js (3d32fb7)
    • ➕ Add addSvgAsImage-method and renaming addSVG to addSvg, but keeping addSVG for backwards-compatibility to svg.js (3d32fb7)
    • 🏗 Make build.js independent from git call (c2d8501)
    • Modify split_text_to_size.js and jspdf.js to handle unicode strings , add unit tests for methods of split_text_to_size (4efd59c, f03af75, 25e8330, f03af75)
    • ➕ Add unit tests for arabic-parser and fix bugs found by unit tests (fc81d12)
  • v1.4.0

    May 21, 2018

    This is a biggie!

    As usual, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

    📚 We'll be adding to the Unicode documentation as we go.

    Big thanks to @arasabbasi for getting this shipped!

    🚀 The three main aspects of this release were UTF-8-support, increased NodeJS/AngularJS/WebPack-support and stabilizing jsPDF by fixing bugs.

    🔌 jsPDF supports finally UTF-8 by having the ability to use custom fonts. We want to thank here especially to contributor @sphilee, who programmed the TTFFont.js library file, which is the core of this great feature. Because of the specialties of the arabic-writing-system we have a separate plugin for that writing system.

    🏗 In the light of the increased amount of reported issues by nodeJS/angularJS/WebPack-users we focused in this build on increased compatibility with nodeJS and other third-party-software. We hope that those changes will solve the reported issues to your sufficiency.

    🛠 A lot of bugfixes were applied to the core and the addimage.js-plugin.

    • 👍 Now API.text is supporting rotation, multiline, right, center and justify alignment to a satisfying level.
    • ➕ addimage.js now recognizes images by the magic headers. The PNG-Engine now supports Interlace-mode and CMYK.
    • ♻️ acroform.js got refactored and works now in Internet Explorer 11, too
    • 🛠 and many many small bugfixes here and there
  • v1.3.5

    September 14, 2017

    🛠 As jsPDF has grown, we've been managing some technical debt. Some of this is from before NPM existed - so those dependencies were brought in through git. That's now fixed, which should mean you can install jsPDF into containers without git.

    🚚 We also removed a load of old unneeded files. We'll continue tidying up, as we have some pretty big changes coming up soon.

    🛠 Main fixes include:

    • 🚚 7f5008b Move deps to npm
    • daacf2c Added a Code of Conduct document
    • 🛠 41bcbfa Fixed an issue with memory leaks for large images
    • ef7ecda Tidied up a bunch of old file

    As always, let me know how you get on! Please report any issues using the template, creating a working jsbin example really helps us to sort the issue out quickly.

  • v1.3.4

    April 10, 2017

    🚑 This release integrates all previous hotfixes, so if you were daring and enabled them, you can now remove those instructions from your code as they are now enabled by default.

    🚀 You can see the commits for list release here:

    🚀 The official notes for this release are pending.