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  • SapphireDb

    2.5 0.0 C#
    SapphireDb Server, a self-hosted, easy to use realtime database for Asp.Net Core and EF Core
  • React Chat UI

    1.0 9.0 TypeScript
    Build your own chat UI with React Chat UI components in a few minutes. React Chat UI Kit from minchat.io is an open source UI toolkit for developing web chat applications.
  • formhero

    0.8 5.1 TypeScript
    Fully customisable React form utility
  • jsplumbtoolkit-applications

    0.6 9.4 JavaScript
    Starter applications and feature demonstrations built with the jsPlumb Toolkit
  • COVID-19 in Charts

    0.5 0.0 TypeScript
    Visual representations of the progression of COVID-19.
  • #<Sawyer::Resource:0x00007f31d4bc3650>

    0.3 1.3 TypeScript
    No description, website, or topics provided.