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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Sliders     Touch     Lightbox     Gallery     Zoom     Swipe     Image     Photo    
Latest version: v4.1.3

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PhotoSwipe v5 — JavaScript image gallery and lightbox

Demo | Documentation

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Repo structure

  • dist/ - main JS and CSS
  • src/ - source JS and CSS.
    • src/js/photoswipe.js - entry for PhotoSwipe Core.
    • src/js/lightbox/lightbox.js - entry for PhotoSwipe Lightbox.
  • docs/ - documentation markdown files.
  • demo-docs-website/ - website with documentation, demos and manual tests.
  • build/ - rollup build config.

To build JS and CSS in dist/ directory, run npm run build.

To run the demo website and automatically rebuild files during development, run npm install in demo-docs-website/ and npm run watch in the root directory.

Older versions

Documentation for the old version (v4) can be found here and the code for 4.1.3 is here.