Polyglot.js is a tiny I18n helper library written in JavaScript, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node). It provides a simple solution for interpolation and pluralization, based off of Airbnb's experience adding I18n functionality to its Backbone.js and Node apps. Polyglot has zero dependencies.

I18n is incredibly important for us at Airbnb, as we have listings in 192 countries, and we translate our site into 30-odd different languages. We're also hiring talented engineers to help us scale up to meet the challenges of buliding a global marketplace.

View the documentation on Github.

View the annotated source.

Download the development version: 7.9kb, unminified with comments.

Download the production version: 2.8kb, minified (1.3kb gzipped).

Polylglot is agnostic to your translation backend. It doesn't perform any translation; it simply gives you a way to manage translated phrases from your client- or server-side JavaScript application.

Code Quality Rank: L5
Monthly Downloads: 0
Programming language: JavaScript
License: BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License

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