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  • v2.0.2

    October 17, 2013
    • #255 - View helper fails when run via mutating array (@kpdecker)
    • #263 - Make setView not throw even if old view is destroyed (@Candid)
    • #264 - Make render not render destroyed views (@Candid)


  • v2.0.1

    September 09, 2013
    • #248 - load bug fix with forwardLoadEvents while already loading (@jhudson8
    • #239 - bower: dependencies -> 'latest'

    • 🚀 Update release notes format - a43e1b0


  • v2.0.0.rc1

    • 🐎 Numerous performance and bug fixes
    • Thorax now requires Backbone 0.9.9 or later
    • 🚚 The "auto unbind" feature of on(targetObject, eventName) has been removed, implemented by Backbone as listenTo
    • 🗄 Use of Thorax.Router is deprecated and no longer documented
    • ✂ Removed ViewController class
    • Views can now specify a helpers hash to call templates with
    • ✂ Removed Thorax.Util.getValue
    • renderTemplate second context argument now overrides context passed to template instead of adding to it
    • ready event now propagates to children
    • ➕ Added view.appendTo method
    • ➕ Added bindDataObject, unbindDataObject methods
    • ➕ Added thorax release command to generate combined & minified files
    • 🆕 New lumbar based build system, thorax build command line option has been removed
    • ➕ Add removeItem updateItem methods for views rendering a collection
    • ✂ Remove emptyContext method and empty-context collection helper argument
    • ➕ Add {{collection-element}} helper, to specify where in a view a collection should be rendered
    • 🚚 CollectionView has been removed, collection rendering can now be done in any class
    • ➕ Added itemFilter method
    • 🚚 Move {{cid}}, {{yield}} special variables to private variables in handlebars (available with {{@cid}} and {{@yield}}). {{_view}} is now avialable as {{@view}}
    • Collection events bound with on({collection: events}) no longer recieve a CollectionView as the first argument
    • ⏪ Revert: DOM event handlers now recieve the original context (if the handler had been registered with $.on) as the second argument
  • v2.0.0.b5

    • expand-tokens=true is now required in the url helper to expand handlebars tokens inside a url
    • ➕ Added loading-placement option to the collection-helper
    • DOM event handlers now recieve the original context (if the handler had been registered with $.on) as the second argument
    • ➕ Added bower support
    • ➕ Add trigger attribute option to button and link helpers
    • Fail silently when #view helper does not find a view instance (1.x behavior)
    • $.model now accepts a view as an optional argument
    • Thorax.View.prototype._loadTemplate renamed to Thorax.Util.getTemplate
  • v2.0.0.b4

    • ➕ add template helper block capture and yield variable
    • ➕ added Thorax.onException hook for easier android debugging
    • collection filter option now hides or shows elements instead of adding or removing them
    • collection filter option now applied when model change event is triggered
    • collection event change: when using view.on({collection: events}) syntax, CollectionView instances are now prepended to the array of arguments passed and the callback is now called with the context of the delcaring view
    • 👍 allowed creation of CollectionView classes in JavaScript direclty (previously could only be created via the collection helper)
    • Thorax.Router and Thorax.ViewController now use a constructor override so that super.initialize() does not need to be invoked when overriding initialize
  • v2.0.0.b3

    • ➕ added mobile plugin
    • 👍 allow nested objects in any registry to allow: {{view "Nested.Object"}}
    • 🏗 thorax build command now requires a target filename as the first argument
    • 👍 Thorax.Util.shouldFetch will now gracefully support Backbone.Model and Backbone.Collection instances
    • allow Backbone.Model and Backbone.Collection instances to be passed to _loadModel and _loadCollection
  • v2.0.0.b2

    • 0️⃣ item-context and empty-context will try to use itemContext and emptyContext functions as defaults if they are available on the declaring view
    • 👷 a build system was created, some method overrides are now done via code templates with handlebars instead of in JS, resulting in smaller wire size and less computational overhead
    • ➕ added build command
    • 🚚 thorax.lumbar plugin was removed, functionality was moved to boilerplate projects
    • 🚚 Application class was removed, functionality was moved to boilerplate projects
    • 🚚 registry methods (Thorax.view, Thorax.model, etc) were removed, name property now has special meaning when passed to extend methods such as Thorax.View.extend
  • v2.0.0.b1

    🔌 Thorax has been split into a variety of plugins for a better separation of concerns, the base thorax.js file now only deals with Backbone + Handlebars integration.

    Thorax Core Changes

    • template has been renamed to renderTemplate
    • templates may now be specified as part of the class definition as a string via the template attribute
    • 🔧 Thorax.configure() has been removed and repalced with an Application class, the equivelent code would be:

      var Application = new Thorax.Application(); Application.start(historyOptions); $('body').append(Application.el);

    • 🚚 scrollTo and scrollToTop have been removed and will appear in the mobile plugin in 2.1

    • 🖐 Handlebars.registerViewHelper has been added. empty, collection and other view helpers are all implemented in this manner

    • ➕ addition of $.view, $.model and $.collection

    🔌 Mixin plugin

    🚚 Mixin behaviors have been moved to the mixin plugin.

    🔌 Loading Plugin

    🚚 All data loading functionality, including flushQueue, fetchQueue, bindToRoute and load() have been moved into a separate thorax.loading.js file. In addition the collection helper accepts two new arguments when this file is present:

    • loading-view
    • loading-template

    Which insert a loading view or template onto the bottom of the collection while the collection is loading. A loading helper is also provided that can be used outside of the collection helper.

    ✅ The signatures of exisiting methods were not changed and the unit tests for existing functionality were only trivially changed.

    🔌 Events Plugin

    • Thorax.View.registerEvents has been renamed to Thorax.View.on and is available on all Backbone and Thorax classes
    • Any object that can be used as the object may now be used as an argument to on()
    • The nested event keyword has gone away and will re-appear (or have a different implementation accomplishing the same thing) in 2.1
    • All view events regardless of how they are registered will now be processed with _addEvent who's signature is unchanged
    • Events to be bound on another object only while the view is alive may be registered with: view.on(target, eventName, callback) When the view is destroyed the event on the target object will be unbound.

    🔌 Form plugin

    🚚 serialize, populate and validateInput have been moved into a form plugin but are unchanged

    🔌 Helpers plugin

    ➕ Added link, url and button helpers.

    Previously all click a events would trigger the Backbone.history.navigate behavior. This is now opt in via the link helper.

    🔌 Collection Plugin

    Collection handling has been completely re-written and is not backwards compatible. The new collection helper must be used. Multiple collections and multiple displays of the same collection may now be present in the same view. Each collection helper will generate a CollectionViewinstance. Specific migrations:

    • item-context may be specified in the collection helper instead of setting an itemContext method on the view class
    • empty-context may be specified in the collection helper instead of setting an emptyContext method on the view class
    • rendered:collection event recieves the related collectionView as it's first argument
    • rendered:item event recieves the related collectionView as it's first argument
    • rendered:empty event recieves the related collectionView as it's first argument
    • renderItem no longer exists on the view class, use the rendered:item event or specify specific behaviors in your item-view class
    • renderEmpty no longer exists on the view class, use the rendered:empty event or specify specific behaviors in your empty-view class
    • the filter option has been added which should be used in place of the behavior added in

    🔌 Lumbar plugin

    🔌 A lumbar plugin has been added which adds a module.router() method to each lumbar generated module. The Thorax + Lumbar node boilerplate project makes use of this:

    🔌 Model plugin

    🚚 Thorax.Model and setModel have been moved to the model plugin but are unchanged in behavior.

    🔌 ViewController plugin

    • Thorax.Layout has been renamed to Thorax.LayoutView. It is now a Thorax.View subclass instead of a Backbone.View. Multiple LayoutView instances may now be embedded in a parent view.
    • setView has gained a destroy: false option
    • layout.getView() must be used to get the current view of a layout instead of layout.view
    • Thorax.ViewController and Thorax.Application classes have been added
    • route and route:before events have been added to Thorax.Router

    💻 Command line utilities

    🚚 Have been removed, except for the following command:

    thorax templates ./templates-dir ./templates.js

    Boilerplate projects have been provided and a lumbar.json editor will appear in 2.1

  • v1.2

    • 🚚 load:start and load:end handling have been moved into a plugin
    • nested event keyword now works with views, the callback will always be called with the context of the declaring view and will always recieve the triggering view as the first argument
    • empty() the collection element before renderCollection()
  • v1.1

    • ➕ added {{collection}} helper
    • 🗄 _collectionSelector is now deprecated and internally defaults to [data-collection-cid], for backwards compatibility set it to ".collection" in your view classes
    • ➕ added templatePathPrefix option to configure()
    • ✅ unit tests!
    • ➕ added nested event keyword
    • ➕ added _addEvent method for subclasses to customize event registration
    • registerEvents is now an instance method in addition to a class method
    • ➕ added emptyContext method, called from renderEmpty
    • checks for property are now lazy
    • exceptions are now thrown instead of using console.error