Programming language: JavaScript
License: Mozilla Public License 2.0
Tags: Timeline    
Latest version: v3.9.0

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TimelineJS v3: A Storytelling Timeline built in JavaScript. https://timeline.knightlab.com


TimelineJS is a tool designed to help people with minimal technical skill tell rich, dynamic stories on the web. Most people will create timelines using the official authoring tool and embed their creations using a snip of HTML code offered at the end of that process.

For users of these content management systems (CMSes), there are plugins to facilitate the embedding process:

Getting Started

General users of TimelineJS should consult timeline.knightlab.com for instructions and documentation. Information on GitHub is primarily directed at those who are interested in working with the TimelineJS source code.

The authoritative documentation list is also on the main website, but here are some direct links which may be useful:

Contributing to TimelineJS

Are you trying to contribute to or develop TimelineJS3? Here's where you should start.


For users who instantiate a timeline in a page (as opposed to using the iframe embed model), this page roughly documents TimelineJS's JavaScript API, but note that because TimelineJS's primary use case is the embedded iframe, some of these methods have not been thoroughly tested.

Use via ES6 modules/webpack

To use in a project that uses ES6 modules and webpack, import the Timeline class and the CSS as follows

import { Timeline } from '@knight-lab/timelinejs';
import '@knight-lab/timelinejs/dist/css/timeline.css';