Cesium v1.62 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-01 // 2 months ago
  • Deprecated :hourglass_flowing_sand:
    • 🚚 createTileMapServiceImageryProvider and createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.65. Instead, pass the same options to new TileMapServiceImageryProvider and new OpenStreetMapImageryProvider respectively.
    • 🚚 The function Matrix4.getRotation has been deprecated and renamed to Matrix4.getMatrix3. Matrix4.getRotation will be removed in version 1.65.
    ➕ Additions :tada:
    • ➕ Added ability to create partial ellipsoids using both the Entity API and CZML. New ellipsoid geometry properties: innerRadii, minimumClock, maximumClock, minimumCone, and maximumCone. This affects both EllipsoidGeometry and EllipsoidOutlineGeometry. See the updated Sandcastle example. #5995
    • ➕ Added useBrowserRecommendedResolution flag to Viewer and CesiumWidget. When true, Cesium renders at CSS pixel resolution instead of native device resolution. This replaces the workaround in the 1.61 change list. 8215
    • ➕ Added TileMapResourceImageryProvider and OpenStreetMapImageryProvider classes to improve API consistency: #4812
    • ➕ Added credit parameter to CzmlDataSource, GeoJsonDataSource, KmlDataSource and Model. #8173
    • ➕ Added Matrix3.getRotation to get the rotational component of a matrix with scaling removed. #8182
    🛠 Fixes :wrench:
    • 🛠 Fixed labels not showing for individual entities in data sources when clustering is enabled. #6087
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where polygons, corridors, rectangles, and ellipses on terrain would not render on some mobile devices. #6739
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where GlobeSurfaceTile would not render the tile until all layers completed loading causing globe to appear to hang. #7974
    • Spread out KMl loading across multiple frames to prevent freezing. #8195
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where extruded polygons would sometimes be missing segments. #8035
    • Made pixel sizes consistent for polylines and point clouds when rendering at different pixel ratios. #8113
    • Camera.flyTo flies to the correct location in 2D when the destination crosses the international date line #7909
    • 🛠 Fixed 3D tiles style coloring when multiple tilesets are in the scene #8051
    • 3D Tiles geometric error now correctly scales with transform. #8182
    • 🛠 Fixed per-feature post processing from sometimes selecting the wrong feature. #7929
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where dynamic polylines did not use the given arcType. #8191
    • 🛠 Fixed atmosphere brightness when High Dynamic Range is disabled. #8149
    • 🛠 Fixed brightness levels for procedural Image Based Lighting. #7803
    • Fixed alpha equation for BlendingState.ALPHA_BLEND and BlendingState.ADDITIVE_BLEND. #8202
    • 👌 Improved display of tile coordinates for TileCoordinatesImageryProvider #8131
    • ⬇️ Reduced size of approximateTerrainHeights.json #7959
    • 🛠 Fixed undefined quadDetails error from zooming into the map really close. #8011
    • 🛠 Fixed a crash for 3D Tiles that have zero volume. #7945
    • 🛠 Fixed relative-to-center check, depthFailAppearance resource freeing for Primitive #8044

Previous changes from v1.61

  • ➕ Additions :tada:
    • ➕ Added optional index parameter to PrimitiveCollection.add. #8041
    • 0️⃣ Cesium now renders at native device resolution by default instead of CSS pixel resolution, to go back to the old behavior, set viewer.resolutionScale = 1.0 / window.devicePixelRatio. #8082
    • ➕ Added getByName method to DataSourceCollection allowing to retrieve DataSources by their name property from the collection
    🛠 Fixes :wrench:
    • 0️⃣ Disable FXAA by default. To re-enable, set scene.postProcessStages.fxaa.enabled = true #7875
    • Fixed a crash when a glTF model used KHR_texture_transform without a sampler defined. #7916
    • 🛠 Fixed post-processing selection filtering to work for bloom. #7984
    • 0️⃣ Disabled HDR by default to improve visual quality in most standard use cases. Set viewer.scene.highDynamicRange = true to re-enable. #7966
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug that causes hidden point primitives to still appear on some operating systems. #8043
    • 🛠 Fix negative altitude altitude handling in GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider. #8109
    • 🛠 Fixed issue where KTX or CRN files would not be properly identified. #7979
    • 🛠 Fixed multiple globe materials making the globe darker. #7726
    • 🛠 Fixed atmosphere brightness when High Dynamic Range is disabled. #8149