ScrollMagic helps you to easily react to the user's current scroll position. It's the perfect library for you, if you want to ...

- animate based on scroll position – either trigger an animation or synchronize it to the scrollbar movement (like a playback scrub control). - pin an element starting at a specific scroll position – either indefinitely or for a limited amount of scroll progress (sticky elements). - toggle CSS classes of elements on and off based on scroll position. - effortlessly add parallax effects to your website. - create an infinitely scrolling page (ajax load of additional content). - add callbacks at specific scroll positions or while scrolling past a specific section, passing a progress parameter.

Code Quality Rank: L3
Monthly Downloads: 0
Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Scroll     Ecosystem:jquery     Jquery-plugin     Progress     Events     Animation     Parallax     Scrolling     Sync     Fixed     classes     position     scrub     scrollbar     pin     sticky    

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